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G325 Regultion / Contemp Media Issues

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by oxy, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. oxy

    oxy New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am thinking about planning / researching this topic to start after Christmas but have absolutely no idea how to go about it! I haven't taught this unit before and don't even know where to start!
    Can anyone give me any pointers on what to cover or any books to read in preparation. I don't even know where to start! The spec is not helpful and there is a lack of exemplar work on the weebly / OCR site - I'm guessing that it is not a particularly popular topic.
    Huge thanks in advance!
  2. joannelovesbooks

    joannelovesbooks New commenter

    Hi Oxy

    Regulation is my favourite topic to teach in this unit as it's a great one for strong opinions to come out. I would start with the ASA or the BBFC as both have excellent student resources and case studies on their websites. On the BBFC website, if you go to the student resources section there is a bit where students can have a go at rating films themselves and then checking themselves against the actual ratings. If you and your students register on the ASA website you will receive weekly updates on rulings, so they will always have up-to-date examples.


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