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G.I.S - What do people think about AEGIS?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by MrGGeography, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Starting a new job in Sept and have been asked for ideas on what the department can bid for.

    I was thinking of AEGIS to use for GIS but I have never used it. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions about the software?



  2. There's some very good Aegis exemplar material around, especially on www.geographygeek.co.uk/aegis_3.html

    The program does feel a little outdated BUT for me is still the most cost-effective way into "real" GIS. Many try it and get put of by the interface - it doesn't do anything especially exciting when first loaded. I've found that students do get their heads around Aegis very quickly and enjoy using with very little prompting if the learning activity is well chosen.
  3. You could also use QGIS - this is completely open source (free) and, if you Google hard enough, there are some practicals and data which are, again free.

    Obviously not quite an answer to your question, but thought it might be useful to know about!
  4. Thank you for the feedback, most appreciated!

    Will have a look at QGIS at the weekend and make a decision I think :)

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