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G&T resources

Discussion in 'Science' started by FleurR, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. FleurR

    FleurR New commenter

    Hi can anyone recommend resources for a Year 7 pupil who is really gifted in Science? I'm looking for anything - books, magazines, websites that I can pass on to him and his family, as well as use in school. I want to encourage him but its more for his interest outside school.

  2. Books to read could include anything by Simon Singh, Dava Sobel's 'Longitude', John Gribbin has written some quite readible books too. For biology topics, apparently Nick Lane's books might be of interest. I have never read any of them but my friends tell me they are readable & interesting.
    There is a new programmable computer about to be launched, called the Rasberry Pi (not sure the spelling is correct) for £20 to £50 early this year apparently. He may enjoy getting one of those.
    IMHO the best thing is to get him onto topics 'off syllabus'.
    End of ideas for the moment.
  3. Masfar

    Masfar New commenter

    Have you suggested he take part in the Google Science Fair?

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