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G&T reading & writing 'clubs'

Discussion in 'English' started by mrs frank lampard, May 13, 2011.

  1. How about entering their work in local/national competitions? Or getting them involved in your school magazine/newsletter? There are some great courses, too, at the Arvon Foundation you could advertise. Maybe you could encourage them to write publicity reports for events in school?
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. Will track down the Arvon Foundation.

  3. The set up I use (though it's free for all, not G&T) is that we look at a genre or style or idea (etc etc) each week, trying new techniques within that. I had hoped to then spend the second half of the sessions workshopping each other's writing, offering critiques and praise but they're a bit shy! In the end, I dug out some of MY old writing from that age and had them look at that, which got the ball rolling a bit (they didn't know it was my stuff, just "a student from a school I used to be at who's happy to share their work".
    I give them information about competitions as well and try and link those to an activity. This week, I'm giving them some info about Wicked Young Writers' Competion so we'll be looking at rewriting fairystories.
    How about getting them to run the odd session on a style they like? So if you've got someone who really enjoys Horror, they can lead a session?
    And how about getting them to run a schoolwide writing competition? They're the judges and it can all get collated into an anthology?
    I've also had my group do some scripting for the drama club.
    They also mostly have long term projects they're working on that I offer them support with.

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