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Furloughed via umbrella?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by percival73, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. percival73

    percival73 New commenter

    On Martin Lewis tonight, he was saying that if you work for an agency you can still be furloughed. If you are paye - which you still are if you're with an umbrella company aren't you? Am I right in thinking this does apply to me? Have emailed the umbrella company. Appreciate thoughts on this .
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  2. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

    I think so,theres a good link on another thread, gov site. We shouldn't be left behind
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  3. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

    Just now on bbc news personal finance analyst said "if you're paid through paye,on a zero hours contract, you'll be part of the payment retention scheme"
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  4. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    It's the furlough bit. They will not want to ban essential workers from working. Bit this is an evolving thing and I bet that will change.
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  5. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    I still maintain if you have been paid via umbrella than you cannot be furloughed.
    Very sadly.

    Here's an interesting yet sinister upate.
    I have been working PAYE for two agencies .
    Both of them have contacted me in the last two days.
    By phone.
    They never phone me.
    But this time they both wanted to know how I was. Eeeh, we need to connect at times like this, Mental health, right?
    How my family is. Ooo, that's a shame.
    If Im getting enough food in. Ah, glad to hear it.
    If Im keeping busy and fit. Yeees, it's difficult isn't it.
    O, and if, moving forward, I fancied maybe enhancing my situation and feeling reassured by signing up to their associated umbrella company?
    OK then bye.
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  6. percival73

    percival73 New commenter

    That's depressingly interesting! The thing is though, it won't be the companies paying the money, it'll be the government. Must admit I am concerned about the umbrella company as it's my agency I have a contract with, not the umbrella.
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  7. tiseb

    tiseb New commenter

    I do think the scheme will apply to everyone irrespective of people paying paid through an umbrella company or directly by an agency. However, umbrella companies charge a fee to process your pay and therefore make a profit. Loads of agencies and umbrellas are actually part of the same company. If your agency moves you to their sister umbrella company then they are still making a profit out of the situation (and potentially saving on admin costs and taxes). This is disgusting behaviour in these days but unfortunately something supply teachers will have to be wary of.
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  8. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    I think you are still very anxious and suspicious about this.

    They have been asked to become a government company and pay unemployment at a time when they would have no work. They are not going to say no. They win this way. The reason they want you tonsogn over is that Umbrella companies are paid by you to process pay. They will make money from this situation.

    I do not think people appreciate the level of nationalisation that has happened. This is now a socialised state and that won't change for some time to come.
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  9. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    This too
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  10. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    The other way round. We've become a privatised nation.
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  11. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    In general. But with large parts of the population paid directly. And the government telling the banks what to do, and any company that services essentially getting a bailout.might don't know what else to call it. Taxes will rise and the government will have a tight hold over a lot of companies going forward.
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  12. MissGeorgi

    MissGeorgi Occasional commenter

    Both of my agencies have been sending me continuous updates on how they are chasing up cash for us at this time. They have been very good! I hope we can get this sorted for everyone.
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  13. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    It may take a while though.
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