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Funny versions of Humpty Dumpty?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by puzzles, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. JCR


    Saw this on a nursery display oncaccompanied my a large mural of Humpty on a silver spoon.

    Humpty Dumpty went to the moon,
    On a supersonic spoon.
    He took some porridge and a tent,
    But when he landed the spoon got bent.
    Humpty said he did not care.
    For all I know he's still up there.
  2. hi,
    can I have one too please
    thank you.
  3. hi, sorry forjot the e-mail
    thank you again
  4. ....
    but along came the children with brushes and glue and put Humpty together as good as new!
  5. dear puzzles
    could you let me have a copy of the resource too (if you still have it!!)

  6. Hi
    Any chance of a copy of Funny Humpty Dumpty rhymes from way back 2007?
    have just seen the posting all v good.
    Don't worry if not - thought it was worth a try.


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