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Funny things kids say...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by anon261, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I'm a primary teacher but currently just doing a bit of tutoring while my children are little. I told my 4 year old that I was going tutoring and he said ' is that where you teach the children?'. I said 'yes!', knowing that we'd had this conversation a couple of times before. Then he came out with 'Hey, mummy! Maybe one day you can be a REAL teacher. Practice makes perfect - that's what you tell me!'
    Bless him - he has a point, but I did laugh so!
  2. One kid I tutor on a weekend still doesn't quite believe that when I was a kid there were only three (and then four) TV channels. Cheeky so-and-so asked me if they were in black and white as well!
    The look of horror on his face at the idea, and the fact the TV went OFF on a night time was absolutely priceless - me and his mum had a field day with that one!
  3. My friend was teaching her Year 1 class about the life cycle of a butterfly, when shown a photo and asked what it was one little girl replied 'a clitoris'
    In my lovely class - one said she loved Mico-orgasms...they are really fun!
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Love that 'real' teacher comment.

    I was telling a child on the carpet today (with a super creased shirt) that when I was little people used irons to straighten their hair as there were no hair straighteners. Another girl looked at me in horror and said "Miss how old ARE you?"

    This is year 6 and so we then had a bit of a chat about how long ago is 'the olden days'! 1990s apparently!
  5. My own class are always coming out with belters but one I've never forgotten was when my own daughter was in KS1 and learning about the great fire of London. She asked me "Mum what was it like when you were little and all wore rags?". Had to explain to her that the 1970's of my childhood was not exactly the same time period!
  6. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    Penguin, we had a Year 6 girl who also mentioned orgasms when she meant organisms, she was mortified, bless her[​IMG]
  7. At xmas I overheard a child say "Santa Claus isn't real because if he was Voldermort would have killed him by now" - Really brightened up my day!
  8. This has reminded me about a boy in my class. We had a new boy start school, just moved from China with no English. Another boy in the class found out he came from China and told his mum he was one of Santa's helpers. How did he work this out? He noticed that one of his toys he got from Santa said "Made in China".
  9. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    After a Year 6 lesson around Xmas time on time zone the class teacher said "and if you've ever wondered how Father Christmas gets all the presents delivered in one night, that's how he does it!". A rather quiet, innocent Year 6 girl leapt off her chair and announced, "I told you all that he was he real!".

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