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funny things children say

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MissAitch, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. On my final placement in 4th year we were having a fun day. The infants were watching a short film (when we were still allowed dvds in) and when my primary 2s got up to walk back into class, one little boy said, "Oh my foot is dizzy!"

    He had pins and needles!

    Made me laugh for ages!

    Oh and one other, I'm now teaching and have survived taking primary 7 (an ordeal indeed)

    It was the end of the summer term with a really hard class when they brought in goodbye gifts. Unusually I had received 3 bottles of wine and (as normal) numerous boxes of chocolates, One of the girls watching me open the gifts commented, "Miss, you're gonna be well hungover and fat on Monday after all this!"

    Cheeky monster! Still it made me laugh the way she said it so matter of factly!
  2. The other day in dance class, we were doing a move where we held our hand in front of our head as though shading our eyes, as the teacher said 'OK everyone, now 'gaze afar!' one child most indignantly turned round and said, 'I'm not gay!!!' Also, another teacher was having a word with a young girl for chattering through the lesson, after she'd finished, the girl stood up and very crossly said 'I JUST WANT TO BE TALLER, OK?!' hehehehe
  3. Oh and my teacher told me a funny story about an Ofsted inspection...
    Her school at the time was under special measures and having regular Ofsted inspections...on one occasion, the inspector walked through the door, and one boy turned round, saw them, and called out very loudly, 'Oh Miss, not those f***ing Ofsted c***s again!!'
  4. I teach 6th formers, so they're not really kids although some of them act like it at times, so I'm going to give you my funny incidents:

    1. Year 12:

    I'd given them a worksheet on the theories of forgetting (I teach A-Level Psychology) on which they had to match the names of the theories with the correct descriptions and we were discussing the answers as a class. At one point the conversation ran thus:

    Student 1: Which one was it miss (that matched)?

    Student 2: The one underneath the one you've just done!

    Cue laughter from me and other students once they'd realised what was said.

    2. Year 13:

    I'd given them a worksheet on Freud's theory of personlity which required them to fill in a grid explaining the different personality type (what happens if you don't move through each stage). According to Freud, we develop in 5 psychosexual stages (yes, he's the one obssessed with sex and childhood)-oral, anal, phallic and genital. I'd made a mistake on the worksheet, so that the anal stage wasn't mentioned, so I told them to cross out 'genital', replace it with 'anal' and write 'genital' underneath the grid. At one point the conversation ran thus:

    Student 1: What do I have to write?

    Student 2: You put the genital in the anal.

    Student 3: Urrgh! You've got a filthy mind, student 2!

    Cue laughter from me and grins from the rest of the class!

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