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funny things children say

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by MissAitch, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. I'm feeling a bit low with the workload so thought I'd start a fun thread in the hope of cheering myself up.
    So what things have children in your class said/done that's made you smile?

    One of the children (from yorks) said, after I'd ask him how he was feeling, said "I'm alright love, how are you?" he's 5!! made me giggle a little!
  2. I'm feeling a bit low with the workload so thought I'd start a fun thread in the hope of cheering myself up.
    So what things have children in your class said/done that's made you smile?

    One of the children (from yorks) said, after I'd ask him how he was feeling, said "I'm alright love, how are you?" he's 5!! made me giggle a little!
  3. in maths
    me; come on guys think, we did this yesterday. trans...transss
    kid:- transvestite miss!
    me:- erm not quite!!

    kid:- whats your husband like you?
    me -: I dont have a husband
    kid;- but your pretty so whats wrong with you that makes noone want you?

    the list goes on....
  4. A while ago I was explaining about plants being eaten by animals and how the resulting manure can be used as fertilizer for other plants. A girl looked at me with a slightly concerned look on her face and asked, 'is that what you have to do with babies too, cos that's disgusting?!?'
  5. I can't think of anything specific right now, but the children on my placement made me laugh all the time. Whenever I was feeling a bit down they'd make me laugh/smile and cheer me up. Corny I know, but true!
  6. In my year 8 French class this week we were doing superlatives and comparatives, (taller, smaller, more interesting, more entertaining etc) so I asked them to think of 8 characters from cartoons, tv or films so for example, Spongebob Square Pants is more entertaining than Pingu.

    One of them said Miss can we use you, I said yes (big mistake!) they then started debating (using some French!) who was cooler me or Homer Simpson, it took them about 3 minutes to come to the conclusion that Homer was cooler than me, it made me laugh so much!

    It's good being a teacher sometimes!
  7. I couldn't even believe this:

    A year 9 girl is pinched on the upper-arm by another girl. She cries, "OW-UH! (as they do) You never know, I could be pregnant and you could have just killed my baby!"

    *Confused look from the other girl* "From pinching your arm?"

    "Yeah - the baby's arms are where my arms are and its legs are where my legs are."

    I suggested she spoke to a science teacher.
  8. Whilst working as a ta last year, in yr 7 science we covered organisms and of course, we had a number of kids asking what an 'orgasm' was! I had to cover my face as the teacher explained cos i was giggling so much!!!
    This year as a student there have been a couple! a yr 4 pupil said ' thanks miss, you're a good 'un!' which made me smile! To be honest there's too many to mention but they certainly make you smile!!!
  9. Donkey85

    Donkey85 New commenter

    I was reading my year 3's a story and it used the image of a 'soldier in a centry box' (or however its spelt). I said that I had a friend (well, my boyfriend, but they dont need to know that!) who used to be a soldier outside Buckingham palace...you know the ones who have to stand still no matter what. They were amazed by this, and started asking questions. 'miss, what if he needed a wee or a poo?' 'does he never sleep then?' 'what if someone hit him?' 'does he get food?' etc etc. Also, hearing the word 'soldier' they also asked 'was he in the second world war?' suprisingly, no. My boyfriend is certainly not in his 80's/90's! We had a giggle about it! X
  10. So many funny things are said by children every day, i always make a mental note to tell some1 when i get home but i always forget what it was they said!

    Its definately a huge reason i love teaching, i must smile and laugh more times a day than people do in most jobs!

    The only thing that springs to mind quickly is over the last few weeks we've been doing phonics with my year 1's - ee, oo, and ar.

    Guess the first words they came up with for each phonic?

    Wee, Poo, and Fart, of course!
  11. I was about to start reading a story to my class, who were sitting on the carpet in front of me. One little girl poked my foot and said "I really don't like your shoes." Umm... What?
  12. Delightful little Yr 1 boy:
    "Does your Dad wear makeup and a bra?"
  13. Child in my reception class sat on TA's knee. My TA smelt something funny and looked at him, he just smiled and said "yeah i farted". I couldn't help but giggle!! There's always so many funny things kids say/do - especially the little ones - but off the top of my head I can't remember them. Kids never fail to make me smile though!!
  14. my yr8 class love conjugating the french verb "pouvoir" just so they can say "ils peuvent" which comes out sounding like "ils perve"

    cracks them up......!
  15. Asked some year 8s to name the 4 Disneyland Parks - they got Paris, they got Orlando, they (surprisingly) then got Tokyo. They weren't getting the fourth one (California) so I told them it was in the USA - hands shoot up. First kid I called on said "Kenya!" and the second kid I called on said "Canada!". We have a long way to go.
  16. bedingfield

    bedingfield New commenter

    During my first placement, I was listening to a Year 3 boy read Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'. He had read a couple of pages and I then asked him if he had understood it. His immediately reply was; 'Yes. It says that all women are witches'.

    I had to smile.
  17. i was teching European countries in French to my year 7s but I wanted to make sure they knew what they all were in English first. When I pointed to Austria one girl asked "is it Iraq?"
  18. In my reception class a 4yr old child moves out of my way so i can walk past 'hello pretty lady, ladies first!' he says
  19. I was being observed a few weeks ago (my first one...so mega scared), and I was doing a literacy introduction at the beginning of teh day with the class. I read them a story and then started explaining what we were going to do. I really thought I had them all gripped as they were all listening and sat still. And then I ask a question and no one had their hands up, so I asked a girl at the front (who i could rely on) what she thought and she goes : "I really like your top". So I laughed, and moved on to ask if anyone had a question and then I got all their hands up and every single member of teh class had a different question or comment about my outfit
    "Where did you get it from?"
    "Did it cost lots of money?"
    "My mummy has a top like that"
    "My socks match your top"
    Etc etc. My tutor was just at the back laughing while I let their comments flow! Was quite amusing!!
  20. this wasnt really funny at the time but i guess it is looking back.
    over the course of my placement the kids were usually well behaved and attentive and I liked to think id built up a good relationship with the kids. one day I was being observed by the deputy and loads of kids were ill and i was literally scraping them up from their seats, most werent answering my questions unlike usual and I was really getting stressed inside. one little boy (age 8) turned to the deputy head who was observing me (in front of the quiet class!) and said 'she can't control the class miss. but its not usual like this, usually we all listen its just a bad day'

    i didnt know whether to laugh or cry!

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