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Funny/subversive quiz for Burn's Night - help, please!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kinsa, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. 932.5!!!
  2. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I would either make that a multiple choice question or the winner is the one who's nearest.
  3. Good thinking, Manashee! Have found some cooking ideas - Crappit Heed and Cullen Skink - and will look up some dialect words.
  4. Lapin, I am thinking not multi choice. OH thought it was 2000 and something! So could be funny hearing the guesses.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I could be sorted now - if Wiki is back on tomorrow.

    Jockroach is the Naval slang for the annoying little Scotsman!
  5. Ah'm jist aboot pink lint, min. A'hve ony goat a deep sea diver an' the leccy's due the morn!
    An' ah need new gregs an a'!
    See cosmos for translation ;-)
  6. Och, ah've nae time fae translations - ah'm jist awa' tae pit ma baffies oot fae the scaffies......
  7. translated....

    Oh my, I have no time for translations- I'm just about to get my breasts out for the builders opposite.
  8. *cosmos wipes the tears from her eyes*
    No. That's not what it means! The builders would tell me to put them away......[​IMG]
    Try again.......
  9. 'Get yer rat oot'.

    Ask them what it means.

    (I came across it today while doing a google search for something totally unrelated. It's not something that's been bobbing around in my head for a while. Just so you know.)
  10. Just received my formal invitation. If the other guests are as funny as you lot, we will have a ball!
    PS Manashee do you think Belle's leccy failure was due to only having a fiver?!
  11. Download the Glasgow Dolmio sauce (sp) adverts and the first to translate wins.
  12. Ha, ha!
    Well done for getting those two, Kinsa. Now, have a stab at 'pink lint' and 'gregs'. [​IMG]
    p.s. love the new avatar - sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  13. Oh my word, they are hilarious! But very, very blue. [​IMG]
  14. Oh you should see the others [​IMG]
  15. Well, 'pink lint' = skint and 'darn sarf' Greggs Pies are wot hoi polloi eats of choice, so am am guessing eyes but can't remember original posting. My problem now quiz is sorted is finding tartan to wear. Bumped into husband of Scottish friend in supermarket and he told me in no uncertain terms that there was no way his wife would have any tartan in the house!
  16. Still got lovely old Alfie as avatar on my pooter. Buffy is lovely, though!
  17. Actually very close, Kinsa! 'Gregs' is short for 'Gregory Peck(s)' as in specs, so you were on the right lines-ish. :)
    Pink lint is skint, so you got that one right too. You are almost a fully fledged expert in Jockinese. [​IMG]
  18. Alfie the wonderdog. *sniff*
  19. Are you seeing Buffy as my new avatar? I've still got Alfie 'having fun at Christmas'. I tried lots of times last night to change from Alfie. Someone said to press certain keys but can't remember who or which keys. Just about to type up the quiz. Thanks for your help! Have found some tartan on ebay, so all is well.

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