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funding for school rock band

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tonylinds, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any ideas who I should be approaching to help fund our primary school rock band? The kids have been rehearsing for 2 years now and although we've played the odd local show - I would love to push on with this and get them in a recording studio , play some shows/schools further afield. Any advice massively appreciated!!
  2. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

  3. thanks Giraffe,
    we are a tiny school of 55 kids so fund raising gigs dont have the same impact as they might in a bigger school. I've looked into youth music - I found the criteria for getting support quite rigid to be honest but I will pursue this avenue if no others present themselves. Sponsorship would be the best option I suppose, Iv also heard some banks get involved in this sort of thing but I cant find anything to back this on their websites - oh well, back to the drawing board...
  4. Ring some local businesses and ask them for cash. I've done this to help pay for school productions and raised a fair amount, last time I had 20 or so places donate £40 - 100. The Rotary club have cash for projects sometimes.
    Ring a recording studio and see if they will offer you a deal, or ask amongst your friends for a musician contact who may be able to come to school and record the pupils there - I know a few mates who have the kit to do this, and, if asked, would probably just want an amount to cover their expenses. Alternatively, ask at a local secondary school - my school does this, sharing resources with primary pupils.
  5. Would there be anyway of drawing some funding down for something like this? http://www.rockschool.co.uk/qualifications/gradedmusicexams/bandexams/
  6. Why don't you approach a local FE college that teaches Music Technology either A-Level or the BTEC level 3. They would have facilities for you to record the kids and could use students for work experience.
  7. thanks for the ideas...

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