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Funding for Primary PGCE- what are you going to do now??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lottielou265, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was offered a place on the Nottingham Primary SCITT PGCE on Friday (yay!!), and now I have to sit down and try and work out if I can actually afford to do the course!
    I currently live and work in London, originally from Sheffield and my school is in Newcastle, so I'll be relocating. Just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation to me, where they will be studying away from home and whose parents can't afford to support them for the year?
    Has anyone looking into getting a Professional and Career Development Loan? I was really hoping to get the bursary, but now that the funding has been pulled, I need to try and find another source of money from somewhere to get me through the year.
  2. Start saving!! You say you're currently working... so save as much as you can!!

    I will be quitting my job in August ahead of beginning the PGCE. I was relying on the bursary to pay my rent for the year - and london rent at that!
    So instead I am resigned to the fact that I will have to clear my savings to do that. I intend to apply for the maximum student loan (to add to the 20K I already have over me from my undergrad years) and maintenance grant.
    I'll also be swtiching my current account back to a student accout so I can have access to the interest free overdraft!!
    I was hoping that I could maintain some kind of social life (albeit cheaply) throughout the course, but have now accepted that I won't be able to afford to do anything. That's probably the toughest part. I've been working for 5 years, earning good money and been able to do lots in London and now I'm suddenly not going to be able to do anything!

    I just keep telling myself it's only for 9 months!
    I lived 5 years as a undergrad on very little money so I'm sure I can do it again for 9 months knowing that I will be a qualified teacher at the end!
  3. Does anyone know if you already have an account with SLC (I'm third year undergrad) whether we keep it and apply for 2011/12 support from that or whether you have to make a new account for pgce funding?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to submit a new application. Because you will be starting a new and different course I don't think it counts as "returning student"
  5. Ok. I'll ring them up on the 16th March and find out more, thanks!

    I think I read somewhere the fee for the course has gone up...
  6. According to the letter I received from the university comfirming my place the fees for the PGCE are as I expected - and I intend to get the tuition fee loan to cover this anyway.
  7. Has any one actually sat down and worked out how much it is going to cost them for a PGCE?
    Tuition Fees?
    Travel Costs?
    Anything else that needs to be considered?
    Excluding social life of course....;)

  8. Yup. Well, Ive tried.

    I have been living in London for 5 years and will be doing my PGCE at the IOE in September.
    I have worked out that I need a minimum of £1200 for living expenses. This will cover my rent, bills (Gas, electricity, TV licence etc), travel (Oyster card - assuming I'm lucky enough to get places at schools within zone 3), my car (which I am keeping incase I need it to get to placements), minimal food, toiletries.
    This money will allow me no social life whatsoever! Unless you count a social life as sitting in every weekend on your own!!
    This budget also does not take into consideration money I will need if I want to go home to Ireland for Christmas or any other times during the year.
    According to the Student Finance calculator I could possibley get about 5-7K in loans and grants (not sure I believe this 100%). So, to make up the shortfall I have already cut down majorly on my socialising and spending to try to save as much as possible. I also went cold turkey on the old nicotine sticks the day I received (and firmly accepted) my offer!
    I guess it's also a good idea to start weening myself off eating out and drinking more times each week than I eat at home! Instead of waiting til september and it being a complete shock to the system.

    Its gonna be a tough year - but I believe it'll be worth it!
  9. hm, well already working til August, albeit on **** pay (lesse, c £715 a month with £140 of that on transport... £575, what a great wage for someone with an MA to their name. Can't wait to quit this boring nursery job!!!) so will TRY to save as much of that paltry sum as I can, though of course I have to give my bf a nominal amount for living costs. We rent a house together but he pays the bulk of it because he's on a much better wage. Obviously not hard to beat my wage but luckily he has a decent job and can (just about) manage to support the pair of us through my PGCE, with the help of the loan I'm going to have to apply for.

    The lack of bursary is still a knock though. moneysavingexpert is my new favourite website!

    Um, I really hope there's a job waiting for me at the end of all this. A job that pays more than tuppence a day that is!

    And one that doesn't involve pooey nappies either. This is my dream.
  10. Hi all - I was under the impression that any changes in government funding (i.e. bursary) does not come into play until September 2012?

    I hope thats the case?!
  11. no, don't think so... these new measures will be implemented from this September.

    Wasn't it good of them to wait until February to tell us all? Fantastic timing and planning by the government!
  12. How annoying! Am I right in saying that the fees don't go up until September 2012 though?
  13. MonsterTeachingIdeas

    MonsterTeachingIdeas New commenter

    It's been a bit of a blow for me too. I'm living on my own at the momemtn but my lease is up at the end of March and luckily my friend has very generously said I can stay with her until Septembet to save money. I am also now going to have to live on campus as I won't be able to support myself in a private rented accomodation.
    I'll be taking out another year's studnet loan plus maintainence grant and bursary. I'm reluctant to get a career devellopment loan just incase I don't wallk straight into a job. Also when I spoke to the helpline about ta CDL they said you can't apply until after you've had your student finacne entitelment confirmed and that they are very rarely given to PGCE students as their tuition fees are paid by the loan. I dont mean to panic anyone but make sure you check it out - you don't want to be relying on it and then find out you can't get it.
  14. [​IMG]
    Hey, I thought they wouldn't go up (except by the couple of hundred they seem to creep up every yr) According to this table though that is not the case!

    Seriously hope this isn't accurate! I am going to Roehampton and could be charged from just over £4,000 to £7000.....bloody stupid! I thought the fees were not going up dramatically till next yr? Roehampton will try and get the max £9000 next yr then I bet!! Grrr! I have enough student loans form my undergrad and chose to go this yr instead of next year to reduce costs as well! Grrr bloody gov!! It will not stop me going...just not pleased my debts will now be even higher [​IMG]
  15. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter

    The figures you found on that Guardian page refer to postgraduate courses. While the PGCE is 'postgraduate' course in the sense that it is carried undertaken after your undergraduate degree, it does not confer a Masters degree (though it does give you 40 credits towards one) and it is considered a professional course as it leads to a professional qualification. The fees for 2011/12 will be the same as any undergraduate course (circa £3,500).
    I can assure you that the tuition fees rises don't come into effect until September 2012, and the PGCE course will cost the same (save for inflation) as it does this year.
  16. Just to throw a spanner in the works, my friend has an offer from Southampton for General Primary PGCE and she said that the welcome pack says she is still entitled to the £4000 bursary! Are some ITT providers still offering it and some aren't? xxx
  17. likejesus

    likejesus New commenter

    It was never the case that ITT providers paid the bursary themselves - it was always paid by the government through the TDA.
    One of two things is the case here: the welcome pack is worryingly out of date, or the uni are paying for the bursary themselves which seems very unlikely considering the bursary is more than the fees (and even after the money the TDA pays the uni for the course, it's still an absolutely huge chunk of the funding allocation per pupil).
  18. I think the most likely response here is that the pack is out of date!
    Although it does not state explicitly anywhere that the Primary bursary has been scrapped, it does say all bursaries bar science, maths, engineering and MFL have been scrapped so people are assuming that includes primary.
    Maybe we've got it all wrong and the ConDems value the need for good quality primary teachers and have therefore kept the bursary for us.........we can but dream! [​IMG]
  19. The fees for 2011/12 are set at the maximum of £3375 charged by most unis.
    Primary PGCE no longer attracts bursary. This is official.
    For 2012/13, the fees will be anywhere from £6000 to £9000, though most are likely to be £6k. You will get a full loan for it (if you want) and you start repaying when you are earning £21k a year at 9% of your salary - roughly the level of NQT starting pay in England and Wales outside London (£21588).
  20. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    It's not.

    My letter from the Institute of Education confirming my place clearly states "Your tuition fees for this programme are £3,375 in 2011/12."

    The PGCE is grouped with undergrad courses - same way ITT participants get access to all the same student finance as undergrads - but which masters students do not.

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