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Funding for Food Technology... take 2.

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by alexishelmsley, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    this is my second attempt at posting this!
    I was just wondering if anyone could give any direction as to funding oppourtunities for Food Technology in a National Challenge School? Im an NQT and i am in dire need of some direction! Any ideas will be appreciated!

  2. Hi,

    this is my second attempt at posting this!
    I was just wondering if anyone could give any direction as to funding oppourtunities for Food Technology in a National Challenge School? Im an NQT and i am in dire need of some direction! Any ideas will be appreciated!

  3. Perhaps you could give us a little information? Why do you need funding? Are you just setting up the course? Do you have no facilities? Which years are you teaching?
    I don't actually know what a National Challenge School is! (Sorry - can't keep up with all the new names/ abbreviations / strategies... and if the rest of this post is irrelevant this is perhaps why!)
    I'd start with licence to cook if you are teaching KS3. The resources are freely downloadable if you have been on the training. Also www.foodafactoflife.org.uk has recipes / videos etc all free.
    I'm not involved in the following
    but there was certainly funding attached to setting up these clubs.
    there are loads of free resources from food groups / manufacturers.
    Food is part of D&T which in most schools is compulsory at some point - push your head of dept to meet you half way i.e."I'm really keen to set up this course - I'll do the training / schemes of work / lesson plans - I just need £x to set it up" - always quote a high figure & let them beat you down ;-)
    Most Hof Ds want to improve exam results - so I'd also push the opportunity for students who struggle with written work to achieve. Have you looked at the Jamie Oliver BTEC - qualification for mainly practical ???
    Hope this helps
  4. Wow, thanks for all that.
    To cut a long story short, the head of food has over-ordered ingredients and seriously dinted the budget - the HoD tells me that we've got less than £500 to last till april, so funding for ingredients has has to stop. This has caused SO many issues, with pupils who have very low socio-economic status not being able to afford them, thus stinting their progression in the subject at KS3, as it is compulsary. I personally don't teach KS4, so I'm not sure of the procedures there. I have used Licence to Cook when doing ITT and it was very useful, again in a national challenge school. However, the head of food is not being swayed to it, and wants to run the Taste of Success (which is what the SoW's are tailored for).

    (The school has achieved under 30% A-C grades in Eng, Maths and Science, which makes us national challenge - hope that explanation was ok!).

    Hope that info was useful!
  5. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    How lucky you are to have so much money left! Each subject in our department runs on around £500 for the entire year: we have just over 900 students on role. I work in what sounds like a similar area to yours.
  6. Haha, I wish! :p Its difficult to split that between Food, RM, Product Design, Systems and Control and Textiles when every request from each is justifiable. :( I just dont know what to do, I feel that I need to do SOMETHING,but as an NQT I've no idea where to start and I feel so guilty for asking for anything! :(
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Ask the pupils to make a contribution, eg, 10p each time they cook, it's not much, also try making biscuits, cakes etc and selling them at break. All helps with the funding for food.
  8. sadly i don't think this is allowed to due school meals regulations but you could do a fundraiser such as Ready steady cook staff v students with a cheap thing like pancakes?
  9. sorry its been so late in posting this - with christmas etc things have been hectic.

    Unfortunately, we cant do simple things like cakes or pastries etc. My hands are tied on things like the ready steady cook idea as it needs to be approved by the head of food. Im just at my whits end. I never expected to be so demotivated in my first term as an NQT! :(
  10. So am I getting this right -you teach KS 3 food and your Head of Food who teaches KS4 has over ordered ingredients wont give you either ingredients or money to buy ingredients to teach at KS 3? and students can't afford their own ingredients?
    sounds incredible.

  11. You either teach the schemes of work your HoD has written and she/he funds it OR help out by writing a simple proposal that is affordable and HoD needs to go along with it. Pastry and cakes are NC so there is no reason for not doing them, these are skills that pupils should be learning.
    Other alternatives are working in pairs and groups, this cuts the cost and is in line with building learning power, if slightly different recipes are used they can then be compared/tested. The small amounts of money as a contribution is a good idea. Look at lunch where the dinner money could be used and see management about the FSM, the funding should be in the budget to redirect, but this might be blocked.
    Talk to local businesses, even big supermarkets are willing, sometimes, to provide food for one off events.
    National challenge provides funding for Maths and English so you will be out of luck trying to find funding there.
    This is not your responsibility, don't get frustrated about it. The HoD has to deal with this one, it is part of what a HoD gets paid for. You can help by offering some ideas and pushing the idea of working together to resolve the situation.
    £500 is a reasonable amount to be left with at this stage. I wouldn't be getting upset.
  12. Yeah, I teach KS3 and theres no budget for ingredients because of over ordering by the HoF for both KS3 and 4. It just worries me that im going to have half a class who cooks, with the other half not doing anything. What I've started doing is teaming those who have got ingredients with those who have not got them - which has proved to be successful - if i could get everyone to wash up, I'd be happy!
  13. Im teaching SoW that the HoF has written, but them funding it is simply out of the question. Im writing to supermarkets whilst I've got time to, so we'll see how they go. As for the department, i think im just being the sensitive NQT worrying and getting upset about things that are way out of my control. :S
  14. Hi

    Google "Let's Get Cooking" and find out if they are running the course in your area. I have just attended a Let's Get Cooking course in Hackney, London and will be given funding for three years, a total of £2,500, to run a cooking club for parents and students.

    You have to make an application to Let's Get Cooking and then they invite you to attended a 3 day course, after that you are give the funding to run your club.

    Hope this helps.
  15. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    I don't think that would help with actual FT lessons though, but it would be a good chance to do more practical stuff.
  16. Hi,

    Thanks for that - I did look into the Lets Get Cooking Scheme, but apparently i missed the window for full funding from the scheme (it was back in 2008 from what i gather off the website). Im interested in setting up the after-school course using the Lets Get Cooking scheme. :)
  17. Thank you so much for that! Its really been helpful! :D

    I've introduced the idea of foil trays, as hardly any pupils bring containers - most of them dont know what they are, or bring ones that are too small! I've started to do the £1 thing too - its early days (and im not used to getting money in), but it seems to be working well! :)

    I think the e-mail adress is a wonderful idea! It would be really good to chat to someone who isnt in the school, but knows what im on about! :)


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