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Functional Skills

Discussion in 'English' started by ArthurDent, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. You either have a very gifted Y9 or a misguided notion of FS within your department. Level 2 is the equivalent of a C grade or better. We are exploring using FS in a more general way from next year. Y9 will take the level most suited to them: so, the brightest might have a shot at L2 but most of the average/able will be entered for L1. The less able will be entered for EL3 (or 2 in some cases). When that cohort gets into Y10, they will aim for the next FS level. Hopefully, most will attain L2 by the end of Y10. Our VocEd students will have Y11 to complete FS as they will sit it alongside English rather than doing the Lang/Lit option.
  2. SRN

    SRN New commenter

    I think the 'misguided notion' here is that FS L2 constitutes a 'C' or better.
    On the Assessment and Attainment tables it is worth 23 points that's only seven more than a 'G' grade.
    If it only constitutes that on the AA tables where does this notion that it is worth a 'C' have any basis?
    FYI - we did enter all our Year 9s for Level 2. We await results.
  3. english.teacher

    english.teacher New commenter

    Yeah, I really really really don't get the purpose of Functional Skills... if as they say 'the skills are embedded in the Language spec' then WHY oh why would we bother...
    Can anyone explain the benefit of putting the students through this.


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