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Functional Skills

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Anthony_D, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Was talking to a friend at the weekend as a while ago he was after some help teaching some kids who were about to sit this exam, just wondering how the got on...

    1 question (paraphrased) It take Jane ten minutes to move a stack of ten chairs across the hall estimate how many you could move in one go and give a reason of how you reached your estimation...

    Answer (from a pupil and this got the mark...)

    All of 'em cos I'm well 'ard!
  2. Since when have dogs been able to carry chairs?
    Anyhow, I think the fact that the mark was given highlights the level of candidate these qualifications cater for. I have always wondered why kids do this as Im not sure who their target audience is? nobody but them, the examiner and the examiners mate will see it?
    I understand it in a lesson but in an exam?

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