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Functional Skills

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by amarsbar, May 6, 2011.

  1. Has any one done functional skills with year 9? If you have, what was the success rate? We've had poor results this time and were wondering whether they are just not ready for the exam. Your thoughts would be appreciated!
  2. Hi we did FS with yr 9 in March- also with terrible results.
    A different exam board- Edexcel.
    A number of students with very good ICT skills, failed level 2.
    Very disappointed as we did the pilot with a couple of groups and had not had results. Spec changed, but thought it was more straight forward...what did I know!
    I have requested papers back and are waiting on that. My initial assumption is that they haven't understood the questions.
    In lessons there tending to be a lot of " I don't know what to do..." and after directing them to analysis the question and underline key points, they could easily carry out the task.
    Like another reply I am wondering if they don't have the practice or maturity to understand the question.

    I would be interested in any suggestions to improve.
  3. The QCDA evaluation was very supportive of this approach and success also means that pupils are getting excellent prepartion for GCSE as well. But some other posters have said that pupils need to have prepared and practiced enough Functional Skills and I think that's absolutely true. The downside is that 14 year olds have relatively little "life experience" so it is very hard for them to think outside of the contexts they are used to and apply the skills to novel situations. This is the hardest part (in my experience) of Functional Skills, getting students to apply their skills to areas they haven't seen before and this is where practice should be directed. Hope this helps.


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