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Functional Skills Maths interview

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by enviehairandbeauty, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. enviehairandbeauty

    enviehairandbeauty New commenter

    Hi I have an interview next week and I just need bit of support or help or advice. I am used to 15-20 mins micro teach but now I have to do a 10 minutes presentation to the panel.
    Presentation Title: Outline of a Maths Lesson

    Please deliver a 10 minute presentation outlining a Maths lesson that you would deliver (GCSE or Functional Skills) including evidence of planning.)

    Any help or advice will be Most welcomed

  2. waterlillies

    waterlillies New commenter


    First I think you should choose a topic (grade C would be ideal as lots of gcse /fs students are grade E/D or even below.

    Then plan it as a normal lesson in a lesson template (bring it with you on the day).

    Have 1) clear objectives (differentiated objectives all-most-some)
    2) starter-
    3) main -explanation 1/2/3 with task 1/2/3
    4) plenary

    Make sure you think about assessment (mini whiteboards, true/false, multiple choice) and differentiation (extention tasks)

    Now in 10 mins you would not expect the panel to actually do any tasks (but have them all ready) and basically you just explain the objectives then show the starter and pay more focus on the exposition of the concept (ie.main task 1/2/3). Finally show them your plenary!

    Make sure you have self/peer assessment too.

    The more teaching strategies you show the better you showcase your experience.

    Good luck OP! If you want any of my lesson plans message me :)
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