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Functional Skills Level 2 - Presentation Alternative Ways

Discussion in 'English' started by steve_michaels, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. steve_michaels

    steve_michaels New commenter


    We work with learners who tend to suffer from high anxiety but not enough to get excluded from the speaking and listening parts of the functional skills exam. When they get to the presentation part, many of them have various issues passing this successfully.

    I wonder if anyone might have some different ways they might of enabled some of these learners to meet the criteria.

  2. hot2trot

    hot2trot New commenter

    I also work with learners who suffer from high anxiety. Unfortunately there is no way around the presentation except lots of preparation and a supportive audience. Let them choose a topic that they are interested in and can already talk about confidently. Encourage them to bring in some realia, photos etc to show as part of their presentation. Show them the videos on Youtube of functional skills presentations to give them an idea of what they are aiming to achieve. Depending on the exam board, the amount of scrutiny varies. For example Pearson require video recordings whereas AQA and City and Guilds don't but might require an external verifier to sit in on their assessment.
    I had a learner who just recently completed his presentation. He didn't sleep the night before he was so nervous, but he had prepared well and his self esteem has gone through the roof on successfully completing this presentation. It;s painful in the moment but a valuable life skill for them.
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  3. steve_michaels

    steve_michaels New commenter

    Thanks for that, I assumed that would be the case, we had just such an experience today, totally uplifting. We have another though that has passed Level 2 Writing, Reading and done her discussion but wont do the presentation. Refusing now to come into college because of it. With the new FS Qual next year, will mean she has to do everything again and its such a shame.
  4. fred1964

    fred1964 New commenter

    Because I teach functional skills English in an environment where we have limited access to pretty much anything, I do the presentation like this: we discuss and they pick a topic and I get them to write a list of images to tell the story of their topic - and I find these (at home) and print them out in colour on A3. We put these up on the board, in the order they want for the narrative of their presentation, and they use these as visual aids. I keep it fairly relaxed, and have had otherwise very shy people say they would never have had the confidence to do that before. I'm looking forward to it being a L1 requirement come September, too, as I think it has a stronger form and sense of achievement for the students than the in-class discussions.

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