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Functional skills interview lesson

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, May 12, 2011.

  1. To who? age/level?
    What do they know?
    What do you see to be functional skills?
    A little more info can help out.
    Problem solving is a very tricky subject just to teach to kids without knowing backgrounds as some cant access the most basic number work let alone wordy stuff yet others will find some 'problems' very trivial.
    Find who your audience is, get a snapshot of what they can do, which you will test in a starter, and plan from there.
    Link above is an option
  2. And your own ideas what exactly? [​IMG]
  3. Hi and thanks for replying. The lesson should be aimed at C/D borderline year 10 students. Asit is only 20 minutes, should i just do a long starter activity? Have thought about doing a card activity with different problems that have incorrect answers and getting the students to come up with a correct solution.
  4. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    So have you looked properly at kevchenko's link? (p15-18) I've just used those resources in exactly that way - making it into a bit of a competition between pairs of students.
  5. What level of teaching experience do you have? Is this for a GTP/PGCE or a full time job? your first?
  6. Ah, so it's a GCSE class - in which case we have another pack of tasks for you. Though, as they each say, you might as well use both packs for either GCSE or Functional Skills.
    Do you know what they are studying at the moment? Eg are they in the middle of certain algebra work, or FD%, or Pythagoras? I ask only because problem solving skills may be better developed if activities are embedded into the scheme of work at the appropriate time, rather than 'teaching problem solving' as something 'separate from the content.'
    Hope the resources help, and good luck.
    Kevin Smith
    OCR GCSE Maths
  7. We always include three free sample sets of resources on the Guroo.info website, as well as on TES Connect and now Promethean have turned them into Whiteboard flipcharts on Promethean Planet - search for Functional Skills or Guroo and you'll get them.
    I would suggest you take one or two tasks from a challenge (each challenge has 3/4 tasks) and develop a 20 minute lesson based on your preferred selection of tasks. All resources are also linked to the functional Skills criteria as well!
    Hope this helps - Jonathan

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