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Functional skills - compulsory?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by gavcradd, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    A quick question - are Functional skills compulsory for all students from 2010? I understand that Diploma students have to pass at level 2, but what about little Jonny doing OCR Nationals / Dida / a.n.other applied qualification?
    I had an e-mail through today from the LEA that stated "Functional Skills become mandatory in 2010, either embedded in GCSEs or as standalone qualifications and will be on the school report card in 2011"
    Is this true, or some sort of spin??? Do I really have to put all of Y11 through a functional skills exam next year?
  2. No, functional skills are only necessary for Diploma students. They are a pass/fail standalone qualification; you can chose for students to sit or not.

  3. I think the aim is to embed them in the new GCSEs in English mathematics and ICT from September 2010. Students will already be doing them if they follow a Diploma.
    The DCSF view is that 'It remains essential that schools prepare for functional skills and engage with the functional skill support programme'.
    reference: http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/14-19/documents/functional_skills_support_programme.pdf
    Edexcel say that 'Functional skills at Level 2 will become a requirement for certificating a GCSE at A*-C. Functional skills are also a compulsory element of the Diploma. They will also exist as qualifications in their own right for all learners for whom a full GCSE is not appropriate, irrespective of their age.'
    refenerce: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/func-skills/Pages/structure.aspx
    So I think the position is that they are not compulsory yet but we will need to do them as part of the new GCSEs from this September. So its probably a good idea to be familiar with the content of them now.

    'Functionsl Skills at Level 2 will becoem a requirement fr certificating a GCSE at A*-C

  4. Sorry about that last bit of garbage..
  5. The above response is way out of date - new GCSE specs have FS embedded in them but do not asses them. It isnlt an aim, it has happened - specs are ready now for Sep this year. If you do the new GCSE in ICT you will cover FS as part of the normal work - there are no special lessons/materials. The boards hope that schools may in parallel to taking a new GCSE enter students for FS tests if they follow their specs (=££££ for the boards??).

    YOU DO NOT NEED NOR WILL NEED to pass FS to get your GCSE grade - that was dropped last spring.

    Students will NOT necessarily do FS if they do a Diploma - they HAVE TO pass FS in ICT/Ma/En to get the diploma - that responsibility is with their 'home school' not the place they attend for diplomas. Schols have recently had that part clarified via schools heads (Edexecl complained that because schools did not take on the FS elements, they looked bad because some students gained ZERO overall due ot one or more FS elements.

    The information you have from Edexcel is out of date - typical exam board laziness not to clear it up.
  6. The ICT Functional Skills have been embedded into the new GCSE's.The AQA specification is 53% Functional Skills. The Functional Skills are assessed as part of the GCSE but not as separate elements as was originally intended. Functional Skills will be delivered in one way or another.

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