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Functional ICT Entry level resources

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by CliffStark, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I teach functional skills in the 3 FS areas in a London borough college (ie. FE sector). I have functional ICT classes at Level 2 and at Entry levels. Having now gone through a first half-term, using resources from a variety of sources (Skillsworkshop, Edexcel, teach-ICT and others), I have noticed a real lack of resources for Entry level functional ICT. By 'resources' I mean student work activities, tasks, exercises, projects, problems, questions (even 'worksheets', much as I dislike these): I've got all my SOW, lesson plans etc--these are not the problem, it's work resources for students. Levels 1 and 2 ICT seem well supported, resource-wise, but Entry level ICT seems to be a resource desert, unless I am missing something completely. (The other functional areas--literacy, numeracy--seem well supported for resources at Entry levels.) My students are working within the Edexcel qualification. Someone at work got me onto the resources supplied by Edexcel itself, which I have downloaded, but again are few in number; and the Edexcel ICT Functional skills publications (4 or 5 in number-for students, teachers etc.) have apparently been withdrawn! I also tried looking for secondary school ICT resources, mapping KS3 ~ Entry level (KS4 ~ L1,2), but from what I've seen I'm not sure the curriculum matches enough. Can anyone suggest some sources of Entry level functional ICT student work material?

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