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fun ways to teach instructions

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Spugs21, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Spugs21

    Spugs21 New commenter

    Hi I'm teaching instructions at the minute and want somthing so the kids can follow instructions to make something. I want it o be fun and something they'll enjoy- they're a pretty chalenging class but work well on creative things.

    Anyone done anything good recently?
  2. Spugs21

    Spugs21 New commenter

  3. Following a recipe to cook something is always good or following instructions to make a sandwich/toast/milkshake/smoothie. Make a zig zag book (or other style of book) that they could use for their literacy work? The children could make up a game and then instruct others how to play it. They could follow the instructions for a simple board game. You could record the children giving and following instructions about how to do something.
  4. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    What year are you in?
  5. Spugs21

    Spugs21 New commenter

    It'sa set group, year 2- 5 quite low ability
  6. Some instruction formats here:

  7. I taught a year two group by getting them to give each other instructions for getting changed. I use PE kit but fancy dress could be just as much fun. Get one child to face away from the class and get them to call out instructions for how to get changed. EG take your t shirt off. OK but what about the jumper you have on. Can anyone do it but leave their jumper on. Put your plimpsoles on but forgot to say to take off your shoes first. We giggled for the whole lesson but when we came to write instructions for the reception class the whole group were brilliant and really understood the need to get things in the correct order. Hope this helps.
  8. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    I like the idea of making a sandwich...before you do it, dress up as an alien or someone who wouldn't know about sandwiches!!! It will give them more of a context for the learning.

    Have fun!
  9. Spugs21

    Spugs21 New commenter

    I'll def do the sandwich one one day but wanted to do something arty/creative tomorow. They're a really artistic bunch!
  10. Not really proper instructions as such, as it's hard to get the bossy verb at the beginning of the sentence but if they like something creative....How about doing some barrier games in partners with a simple drawing in stages. One partner can give the instruction, e.g. draw a house and then add extra detail. The children will soon pick up the need to be very specific e.g. about position, size etc. I normally do this kind of thing in maths with 2d shapes but it may work for you.
    Or how about origami??
    Hope these ideas help!
  11. As for food, when I do this I'd like to do icecream sundaes! But then I have a sweet tooth!
  12. I have just taught this to a lower ability year 3 and one of my activities was to make a Shaun the sheep mask asking them to follow the instructions to make the mask. It was great and they all readyy enjoyed doing it!
  13. Masks? Jewellery? Class decorations? Animal drawings (in specific stages)? Musical instrument? Play dough/clay model?
  14. I got mine to make and test a paper aeroplane. they loved it! Made three to see which was the best one, then wrote instructions for making.
  15. Simple origami worked well with my Year 5s, but I have also done it with Year 3. There are lots of websites with instructions - one I found this year had a visual simulated instruction - but it was very hard to follow!
  16. Could be ambitious and go for putting up a tent if they are less able then what about using the digital camera whatever you decide(receipes or anything) and taking photos which can be sequenced and they can write sentences to accompany?? They would not forget it if you feel brave. Or a piece of flatpack if you/the school has something that needs making.????

    Just some mad ideas.
  17. The tent idea sound fun!

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