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Fun transition activities (Reception --> Year 1)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Sallym9, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I've recently secured a Year 1 teaching post for September but am fortunate enough to be teaching my new class every Friday afternoon as part of the school's transition programme.

    I obviously want to make this time as enjoyable as possible for the children but am a bit stuck as to the types of activities to do with them. I was thinking about Circle Times and also some art type things so that I can have a display of their work set up already in Septemeber...but has anyone else had experience/done anything like this before??

    I'd appreciate any helps and ideas!

  2. What a great idea! I am going to be teaching Year 1 in Sept also. I had the idea of getting them to do something that I could display on the local induction day, but didn't really know what to do so will be interested in any ideas other people have.
  3. Why not get them to paint a picture of themselves for a a display in Sep.

    Or one which I saw in my last placement and loved, get them to do some hand/feet printing, then cut them out and have the hands/feet walking around the classroom with their names on them!

  4. hi again...

    I found a really good thread in the Primary forum - search for 'class swap' within it. Loads of really good ideas!

  5. where abouts are you teaching Chickenpants? I'm in Warrington. Maybe we can share ideas and things for our first year!!

  6. Theres some great ideas there i'm also going to be teaching year 1 starting as an NQT so need as many ideas as possible!
  7. Sorry for late reply - I am in Warwickshire. So looking forward to starting job - currently in a rubbish last placement but also wondering where to start - especially on induction day. I have never taught Year 1!!!!
  8. You want the induction time to be fun so they are looking forward to September. I've used art for a display in Sept for 1st topic / pictures of themselves with what they enjoy about school, circle time games and parachute games, toys particular to Year 1 so have chance to talk 1-1.Also introduced class puppet ready for Sept....
    Katie, Surrey
  9. I have half y1 and half rec - find it difficult to do something for display for Y1, when the rec won't get to do it until Sept, and it's probably best to get the Y1 to do it then too, so they feel more of a class community.
    Might get them to answer a short questionnaire about themselves.... hmmmm, what questions should I ask?
    - favourite moment of rec year?
    - favourite activity?
    - best friends?
    ...............................or something completely different?

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