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Fun Phonics Activities

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by aacordu2, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. I thought it would be good if we could start to share some activities which our class find fun in phonics (new and fresh ideas always welcome!)

    Phonics 'dance' where i put on a lively song (mambo no 5 etc) and get chn to sing sound on flashcard in time to music & keep changing flashcard
    Have large sound stars on floor & get chn to jump on/collect them to make a word
    Put sounds around playground & get chn to run to right one
  2. When blending to read we give each pair of children a word. We then say the rhyme "farmer farmer may I cross your golden bridge on my way to school? It's half past 8 and we'll be late all because of you!" I then say only if you've got r-ai-n, or just the word. Children have to cross the bridge if they've got the word I'm saying.
    We also play a the actions game. Children have to blend to read the word I'm pointing at and do a relevant action. xx
  3. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

  4. Don't forget that children have fun being able to 'learn' their phonics without the convoluting activities. You can brighten up phonics teaching with good quality, good visual resources as well.
    Some 'active' phonics stuff may be fun in the broader sense but all the singing and jumping around might really dilute the content of what could be achieved.
    It's good to ring the changes I suppose and I certainly think that Foundation Stage One in particular can afford to do the all-singing, all-dancing type of phonics.
  5. I with you on this one Debbie. I know that I am long in the tooth now but children used to enjoy being at school, making progress in new skills and learning more each day about the world around them. Now everything has to be 'fun fun fun' I they won't leave the sand tray. BUT where will it all end? Unfortunately life is only about having fun.
  6. oscar's mum:

    I know that we are thinking the same thing and mean the same thing -

    - but I reiterate that what I mean is that the pure 'learning' IS fun and I don't begrudge the 'fun' - just that so many people nowadays seem to interpret 'fun' as only one kind of 'fun'.
    Sitting down, learning, being taught, holding a pencil, having a table space, working in groups and classes, facing the 'front', direct instruction - all these types of things seem to be considered 'not fun' and not kind to children.
    But it is my experience that these things are extremely rewarding for children.
    How many children are not even getting the chance to experience direct teaching and learning and the type of activities which quietly focusing them on key learning?
    That is the point.....
  7. Get an old egg box and put a letter in the bottom of each cup part (where the egg would be) .Put a coin into the egg box. then shut the lid. Children shake the box and open it up. Which ever phoneme the coin lands on, children have to give a word beginning with that sound/pick an object beginning with that sound.

    Put a range of phonemes/key words on your whiteboard. Have two teams of children and 2 fly squatters. Teacher shouts out a phoneme/key word and the children have to point to it as fast as they can. Give a point to the team who is first.

    Play all change. Choose 6 different phonemes and give them out to the children making sure there are duplicates for every one. Teacher calls out a phoneme and all the children with that phoneme swap places with each other. This could be done with objects and initial sounds also.
    Has anyone got any really good outside activities?
  8. I think the ideas sound great. I have gathered together over 100 ideas for phonic learning in areas of provision, on tabletops both inside and out and have gathered them into a booklet. I will be selling this if anyone is interested.
    I am also doing a twilight training session sharing some of the ideas and the book on 7th and 11th May at 4.30 -6.30pm in Leeds. The course wil be held at my school so there will be the chance to look around my Foundation unit as well.
    Please email if you require further info on book or course.helen-driscoll@o2.co.uk
    Here are a couple of quick ideas for outside:-
    • write words on 2p coins, scatter them on the grass and get children to find them using metal detectors. If they can read the word, they can keep it.
    • attach large sheets of paper to the fence and get children to use pictures and props as prompts to paint a list of words.
    • Races - velcro words on fene get children to run back and forth and collect words containing particular phoneme or coleect as amny as can before timer runs out. words only count if you can blend them.
    Hope these are useful.
  9. Thanks for the ideas so far this will be a good link if we share the different things we do to make phonics inspiring!
    Of course the children need focussed 'formal' teaching when learning new sounds but what is wrong with games and activities to practise reading and writing these in words???
  10. please could i have a copy of your phonic booklet.
    mail - di.jarmesty@btinternet.com
  11. The booklet sounds good, how much is it going to cost?

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