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Fun Maths Books KS3/4

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Felix81, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for some good making maths fun/real life maths books to inspire me in the classroom. Has anyone come across anything good that they would recommend?

    Thanks for any help
  2. ilovemathsgames.com

    ilovemathsgames.com New commenter

    I have started collecting rich tasks (real life contexts too) here - would any of these help? http://bit.ly/y9kP8N (link may need to be copied and pasted - safari doesn't like forums....)
  3. Missed one: Lady Luck by Warren Weaver. First published in 1963 and still just brilliant.
  4. Dear colleagues,
    My name is Thodoris Andriopoulos, I am the author of a graphic novel book titled ?Who Killed Professor X?? which is an innovative idea for teaching secondary school mathematics through a detective story.
    The project on which the book is based took 3rd prize in the 6th Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum in Vienna in 2009. The distinction was awarded in the special category in which European teachers vote for the best projects.
    It will be great if you spend few minutes and give me feedbacks on my work.
    Book Description:
    The book is aimed at two kinds of readers: those who have some knowledge of mathematics, and those who have no knowledge of mathematics! It is a work of fiction based on actual incidents, and its heroes are real people who left their mark on the history of mathematics. It takes place in Paris in 1900 and is the story of a murder for which the greatest mathematicians of all time are considered suspects. Each suspect?s statement to the police leads to a mathematical problem. The first category of readers can try to solve the problems and determine whether or not each suspect has a valid alibi (a knowledge of secondary-school mathematics should suffice), whereas the second can simply skip this step. Either way, all readers will be able to follow the story.
    You may view a sample of the book by clicking on the following link:
    and a video
    I am sending you a link to an online bookstore where one can order and purchase the book.
    I would be very grateful if you could forward this post to anyone who might be interested in it.

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