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Fun ideas needed for labels, lists and captions- Year 1?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by erialc, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Hi all, we are completing this unit in Year 1 this term and I was wondering if anybody has any tried and tested fun activities/teaching ideas for teaching labels lists and captions? Our topic this term is Ourselves.
    Thanks in advance

  2. How about taking pictures of the children and ask them to label them of take photos of them taking part in their favourite activities and ask them to write captions about what is happening
  3. Thanks Stalia- thats a lovely idea. I think my HA will be able to cope with that, but my other groups really struggle with their writing, even cvc words are too dificult for them.
  4. You could draw around one child and make labels for parts of the body; they could draw different emotions on face templates and label them (mixed ability pairs could work together; one drawing, one writing); could they help make a birthday chart so each child just has to label their own photo?
  5. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    I started my science topic by sending them off in mixed ability groups to label their team leader with post-its. Much hilarity ensued, and even the strugglers managed to sound out leg/foot etc.
  6. In that case why don't you type the labels and allow them to cut them out and stick them in the right place. For the captions maybe they could do group captions for their activity, or when you know what the activities you could give them a choice of appropriate captions to add to the picture.
  7. The last time I did this topic with Y1 they brought their toys in for a class vets. We had post-its, poster paper, name / badge holders, 'appointment' books, as well as all our 'medical supplies'! It was a great day (should have been a morning but we got carried away) They just did it all as role play - writing parts of the animals body on post-its and attaching, naming the animals, making posters for the door, lists of appointments or which animals there were to be seen - all sorts. We took heaps of photos and printed them out through out the day, some of these were labelled and some of the HA chn chose to do captions then. We used these pics as follow up too and the chn had to rehearse and write their captions for the writing outcome. It was a really fun way to do the topic!
  8. We are working on the same unit and same topic! We have labelled parts of the body (HA wrote labels, LA cut and stuck labels) and labelled parts of the computer in ICT. Next, we are going to write labels for holiday photos, look at captions for photos, match captions to pictures, write captions for holiday photos. We will then go onto lists of favourite things, lists of things to take on holiday etc.
    Even if the children only get the initial and last letter in each word, copy off a whiteboard or have to over-write on yellow pen (only real LA would I let do these last two) I let them have a go and try to think of a caption for themselves. All builds up to them being able to write independently...eventually!
    Just what we do, don't know how helpful that is!

  9. We are also doing the same topic in our class.
    We have done 2 of the suggestions above. We drew around one of the children and talked about each part of the body, talked about the colour of the cilds hair, eyes etc. they helped paint the drawing etc.
    Because most of our children have only started school, they aren't able to write so we asked them what they wanted to label each part etc, then I would have wrote some out with a highlighter, so they could trace over the caption, and I also wrote a word and their name, or a sentence and their name on a piece of paper and some of the children done their piece of work on the computer.
    We also done the birthday chart aswell.
  10. Thanks guys for all tour fab ideas, they are really useful!
    yoitsjo, can I be a tad cheeky and ask if it is possible to have a peek at your planning please? It would really help just to see how others are doing this unit.

  11. Forgot to add , my address is claire82_is@hotmail.com

  12. I work in a four form entry school and we take it in turns to plan a week each...my team leader does the MT plan for literacy so I only have a hard copy of that and of the weeks planned by the others. I planned the first week back which included an intro to labelling, could email that from school on Mon if that would be of any use?! Sorry to not be of more help...our planning for the unit goes something like this...
    Session 1 - Introduce labels - Do children know what labels are? How many words does a label have? Can children place typed labels in the correct places around the room?
    Session 2 - Recap labels - Label a body on My World together as a class. Children to label a body on a worksheet (HA writing labels, LA cut and stick labels), when not working with an adult writing own labels on cards for around the classroom.
    Session 3 - Recap labels - Use children's labels that they wrote independently last lesson to stick around the classroom. Children to write name labels for their holiday photos.
    Session 4 - Introduce captions - Discuss what a caption is - a sentence that tells us what is happening in a picture. Discuss what a sentence needs - capital letter, full stop, to make sense on its own. Look at captions for photographs and count number of words in each caption and whether it fits the criteria of a sentence. Children to cut and stick captions to the correct pictures. Shared writing of a caption for a photograph.
    Session 5 - Recap captions - Shared writing of a caption for a photograph. Children to have a go at writing a caption for a photograph on whiteboards. Check captions against success criteria and children to adapt their captions where necessary.
    Session 6 - Recap captions - Children to explain what a caption is. Children to orally come up with captions for photographs on a powerpoint. Children to write captions in their books for their own holiday photographs.
    Session 7 - Introduce lists - Look at a shopping list. Discuss that words are underneath eachother, have no full stops etc. Shared writing of a shopping list.
    Session 8 - Recap lists - Children to explain what a list is. Children to write a list of their favourite toys on whiteboards. Check against success criteria and adapt where necessary.
    Session 9 - Recap lists - Children to write lists of things to take on holiday for the holiday display.
    I hope that is useful, I do not have the planning in front of me so that is just what I can remember!!
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  13. I have been doing this unit too. Here are some of the things I did with my class.
    Children wrote shopping lists and visited the class fruit and veg shop and bought the things on their list.
    I put some fruit and veg in a bag and the children had to write the list to go with the items.
    We went outside and labelled the school environment - the children loved this.
    Draw around someone and write the labels for the parts of the body.
    We are moving on to captions next week and we are going to be making a book about our school and the people who work there. We will be taking photographs and writing captions to go with them. The book will then be put in the entrance for visitors to look at.
    Hope this helps.

  14. Hi, just wanted to chip in. We are doing ourselves as well. This week we are watching a very short bit of the incredibles, looking at powers. Then making ( a group at a time!) a new hero out of construction and drawing their new hero. The next 2 days we are writing a caption-e.g. This is Mr Incredible. (Differentiated obviously!) The bottom lost will find this hard but we will talk lots and encourage them to have a go at the writing. We have labelled a body, written a list of things babies need and done the big body thing too.
  15. They love anything with a TV or film character in don't they?!?! Just shows how much TV they watch I suppose! My body labelling sheets were labelling Ben 10 or Hannah Montana's body parts and the children said they felt like it wasn't real work!!
    They are funny!!
  16. Sorry to ask but please could I have a look at your planning? It does sound interesting! Thank you!
  17. Hi, I know this post is really old but I am an NQT doing lists labels and captions with my year 1/2's next week. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a little look at your planning for this? It sounds like a fab idea and I would really appriciate having a look at how others have planned it.

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