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Fun ideas for number bonds to 10- year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by posingpoodle, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. They still don't know them!!! Tried using money today and they couldn't work out different ways of making 5 let alone 10p. GOD!!!!!

    Any 'thrilling' ideas for drumming them into their heads..and perhaps a marvellous disply that they can refer to for a while...not ladybirds PLEASE!! xx
  2. They still don't know them!!! Tried using money today and they couldn't work out different ways of making 5 let alone 10p. GOD!!!!!

    Any 'thrilling' ideas for drumming them into their heads..and perhaps a marvellous disply that they can refer to for a while...not ladybirds PLEASE!! xx
  3. Ooh why not I love ladybirds?!
    What about dominoes showing number bonds to ten?

  4. Cause they spent ages on them last year and it obviously didn't work!?[​IMG]
  5. daisymoo

    daisymoo New commenter

  6. Play ping pong. You say ping they say pong then you say a no. eg 2 and they call out the other no. eg 8. Use at varied speeds, duals between kids etc they love it.
  7. Thanks but have tried already- not the most 'easy to stimulate class' ie they are zombies. Have tried to jazz it up with a ball and ping pong but that didnt work either as 3 of them started to cry. I might cry soon....... x
  8. hheaton

    hheaton New commenter

    My class always love the song Farmer Pete by Dave Godfrey from the number fun song pack. You can hear a sample of the tune here


    The first verse starts

    Farmer Pete he had ten sheep,
    All were in the pen.
    Ten were safe and none had gone.
    Ten and none make ten.

    Then it goes down the number bonds as one sheep at a time escape from the pen.

    I act as Farmer Pete running around like crazy looking for my sheep, making lots of ooh-aah noises (sorry about the stereotyped farmer!) Ten kids are the sheep and run from one side of the classroom to the other as they escape one by one. As we get better and better at the number bonds we sing the song faster and faster. If you can get the books and CDs you can sing along with Dave or sing along to the backing track.

  9. I like the Farmer Pete idea!

    I did a display using hands and wrote the calculation below. Eg 10 red fingers 10+0=10, 9 red fingers and 1 green 9+1=10 etc. The children used it alot and got much quicker, also encouraged to use their own fingers when they were stuck.

    Games. Better when they have a good idea of bonds and need practice with quick recall-

    In circle one child says number eg 3 the next child says the number to make 10 - 7 then gives a new number for the next child to make to 10. Or roll a ball and give a number, child who gets the ball gives the number to make 10.

    Bingo - children write 6 numbers between 0&10. Teacher gives number, eg 4 anyone with 6 marks off.

    Child stands at front with a number on a headband (or some sort of thing!) Other chidlren tell them the number they need to add to their hidden number to make 10. So 8 on hat, others say 2 and that child tries to work out their number.

    Hope that makes sense, it's late!
  10. Have you tried ********** for posters etc?

    Good luck!
  11. chocolate.eater

    chocolate.eater New commenter

    These songs look and sound great! Thanks for that. Shame you can't order online.
  12. queenlit

    queenlit New commenter

    You could play a dice game in pairs. 1 child throws the dice and the other child says the number that goes with the score to make 10.
  13. I have taught mine by firstly giving them a ladybird and they have to put the correct number of spots on each side using 10 counters. 4 on one side how many on the other. So they get the idea what we r talking about.

    After this I make a game where i used flash cards of numbers and chn had to shout out numbers to make 10 then i gave the cards out and chn had to find their 'special partner' and hold their hands. when this was complete i wet around the circle and chn had to recite their sum 2 add 4 makes 10 etc.. it seems to have worked ene the the SEN chn have learnt some of them!
  14. Investigation: In a set of dominoes how many have a total of ten? Then you can look at them a little closer and reinforce with Numicon. I find Numicon really hammered it home for my Y1s last year. If you don't have any, go on the website, print off and laminate some of the plates while you badger your numeracy coordinator for a set :) Do you have a TA? You could set up a treasure hunt type activity outside. TA could take out groups maybe 5 or 6 at a time. Laminated numbers hidden outside, number given to child, they have to find the number that goes with theirs to make ten. Maybe start so that the colours match, then do them plain black, could do it with Numicon too if you have it. If you have provision you could set up something similar in a sand/water tray. x
  15. maybe you need to be alittle more positive towards your children! That works wonders for number bonds or any teaching!
  16. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    I'm sorry I'm not clear whether it is pairs of numbers which add to 10 that they do not know, or pairs of numbers to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
    Don't write them off as useless. My school only seems to teach pairs of numbers which add to 10. My daughter did that in reception easily and could have worked out the others for you with small teddies etc, they forget them in year 1 because there is very little practice so far as I can tell, and by year 2 the number of maths facts they can instantly recall is verging on zero.
    Got some ideas once you say what it is that you want them to know. Practice at home is good too - a lot of parents do like to do stuff at home. Trouble is if you just give them vague games with dice it's probably not going to result in knowing stuff off by heart as the learning is not systematic enough.
    P.S. both my daughters were like this and one is now 4c at end of year 3 so it doesn't mean you are hopeless at arithmetic, just that you haven't had enough systematic practice to achieve mastery. If you spend the whole of year 1 with numicon, or number squares, or beads, or counters etc etc it's pretty inevitable unless you kind of have a memory for this kind of thing and after a few times of adding 3 + 6, for example, you always know that it is 9 straight off. How many 6 year olds are really like that? Even clever ones?
  17. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    In the past I have used the above to make various number games - I then put the links on the school learning platform so the children could access them at home - they loved it as they wanted to beat their previous scores.
  18. I am working with pupils on all number bonds to 10 (not just pairs that do make 10) .They seem ok with them, they know all the patterns individually but are unable to recall them outside the patern. I tried ping pong, flash cards and paint by colour (replacing numbers by number bonds to that numbers). As soon as the facts are mixed, they go back to ounting on their fingers. Any suggestions?
  19. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    10 chocolate buttons and a plate with the setions - if they can find all the number bonds to 10 they can eat a chocolate button repeat with 9 etc (if you can't have choc find something they will like)
    We use Big Maths Jingles on the IWB and sing number facts every day
    or you could try Number Club and give them a set time to complete all the questions (I gave Y2 1 min last year - no time for fingers) and they take home the sheet and try to get more correct answers the next time when they get all correct they move onto the next level.
  20. Waiguoren

    Waiguoren Occasional commenter

    Hi - would this game be useful to them? You could also make it into a display.
    You could also use the Class Tools website Arcade Generator to make a quick game for them - lots of fun - it shows you how to input the questions and answers and then generate the game using it; save the website address of the game and then you can play it anytime with them.
    Here's the website: http://www.classtools.net/
    Or off-computer activities: how about a whiteboard race - you write the numbers 1-10 on the board and line the children in front of it in two queues; the front person of each queue races to find the number bond (you say 8, they point to two).

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