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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Crikey! Anyone out there with suggestions for a vertical tutor group? I have about 4 kids from each of the yrs 7 to 11 for 20 mins in the morning. Shame the register only takes 5 with notices...
  2. witchking - i'm in the same position as you. vertical groupings, eager beaver y7 but disaffected y11. made even worse by the fact that their last form tutor let them do pretty much as they pleased.

    anyone any ideas?

    (and if someone could forward that 'fun at form' thing to me too, raceybo@aol.com, that would be ace and save the original sender having to send another copy!!)
  3. Errrrm, i bet you can guess where this message is going... Could someone please email me the form-time folder too? I have a rather lairy Year 7 form and as a new form tutor have no idea what to do with them.


    Thanks millions :eek:)
  4. Hi was wondering if someone could send this to me as I sent a message ages ago and no one sent me anything snooptigger@hotmail.com As I need to find something that my form can do.
  5. Have you tried puzzlemaker.com? Make your own puzzles and print them off. Also a good one is Call my Bluff with facts about your form - they tell everyone 3 things about themselves - 1 is true and 2 are false and everyone has to guess which one the true one is. ;)
  6. How and when do you do these things? it takes me all the time to actually take the register- sometimes give worksheets so they will be quiet when doing it but I would love to read them a story, do games etc. How on earth do you find time???
  7. Would really appreciate a copy please. bobbylack@hotmail.com - what a shame there isn't a teacher's ebay - you would have made a mint!
  8. rogerson24,

    A copy of your "fun at form time" project would be MUCH appreciated! After only 4 weeks my ideas are running out...

    Tank you!
    email address is linds_ds@hotmail.com

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you could also send me that folder on 'Fun things to do at form time'?

    Email is charliej_31@hotmail.co.uk

    That would be fab, thanks
  10. Adding on to everyone's discussions......

    I am a GTP trainee and have been assigned to a Year 11 tutor group and need to come up with some inspirational ideas to do at form time, which lasts 20mins. I have read most of the replies here and don't realy think they will be interested in brain gym or the CBBC quizzes, although I will keep the links for future use.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated

  11. If it's still available after a year could you please send me a copy too...eleanor_gosling@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks - I so wish there was somewhere that your everyday teacher could share these things quickly and easily for free (such as your project or power point slides etc)

  12. There is it's called the resource bank in the column on the left side of your screen
  13. If you get the chance, could you please send me a copy of your formtime work to aiinnes@yahoo.co.uk
    It would be greatly appreciated.
  14. my form class recorded and posted questions to tony blair onto youtube when he asked people to....

    We do a news story of the week and put it onto our myspace page (which all their parents have been invivted onto) in our own words and explain why we think it is interesting.

    We also do a showcase of the work we are most proud of for the week (mine are y7 not sure how great that would be for y11) and, again, post it onto our myspace page.

    We do something on sustainability. Have researched our local area and written letters to the local MP on the changes we think need to happen (and she then came in and spoke to us).. etc etc

    My friend has y11 and she did a lot on revision techniques, memory techniques, CVs, job app letters, interview techniques etc etc.

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