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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. I would love a copy of your package-starting in sept with yr 7 tutor-the ideas would be super! many thanks
  2. I know you must be sick of this by now, but I am an NQT with a year 7 form next year and I would love a copy of your form pack if its not too cheeky?


  3. sophie_123

    sophie_123 New commenter

  4. If the author of the 'Fun at Form Time' is still reading this...

    Why not upload it to the resources section of the website? It would stop you being inundated with requests from stressed NQTs!
  5. Hi there, I would very much appreciate a copy of your Form Time resources and ideas.

    My email address is: da.clarke@zen.co.uk

    Many thanks
  6. Rogerson PLEASE CAN I HAVE A COPY!?

    or if anyone else who already has a copy, would they pls foward it on? (if that's ok with rogerson...jus thought you'd be sick of all this pleading)!


    thanks soooooooooo much! :)
  7. rogerson24
    Just seen your message about your 'fun at form time' If you're still out there I'd love a copy- it sounds like just what I've been looking for.

    Thanks littleang6@hotmail.com
  8. An EAL game - the kids have to be ingroups of 2 or 3. Then they have to mime a joke (not rude, racist etc) and punchline to the rest of the class - really good fun.
    younger kids - draw around their hands then put all the words theyàd use to describe themself in the palm and words other people would use to decribe them on the fingers - great for display
    love the folder:
    jo_lumbisatyahoo.couk (canàt get the at symbol to work on this computer!!)
  9. Could I have a copy of the resources if they are still knocking about please?


    Sam - sammybach1@hotmail.com
  10. Hi,

    Just been given year seven form too and need ideas of what to do with them! Any chance I could get a copy of the formtime ideas pack?



  11. Hi there

    I know this link has been running for ages, but
    I'd love a copy of your 'Fun at form time' - I have a year 7 form and run out of ideas already!


    Thanks so much!
  12. rogerson 24
    Plaease can you e-mail me that project, it will be a great help and greatly appriciated.
    thanks very much....
  13. rogerson 24
    Plaease can you e-mail me that project, it will be a great help and greatly appriciated.
    thanks very much....
    sorry forgot to put my e-mail....it is sisap75@hotmail.com
  14. hi

    any chance i could get a copy of that fun for form time everyone seems to be asking for off you?!



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