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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. I would love a copy please. It's so helpful when people share resources and save others time.
  2. Hi

    I tend to let them get on with it. Their perception of an interesting activity is a conversation on Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber ( even if it was discussed at yesterday's form forum ). After all, it is relevant to today's society ( Ofsted brownie points !!! ).
  3. Can you please send me a copy? My email address is geneva.fox@gmail.com
    Many thanks!
  4. I would love a copy too. email is ecarnoy@saints.mw. Thanks a lot.
  5. This resource sounds brilliant: surely it would be sensibile to upload it to the resources rather than everyone having to request an email...?
  6. Gunit24

    Gunit24 New commenter


    I have just been told I am going to have a form class and I am quite worried about ideas. I just came across your link and I was wondering if you could please send me a copy of your folder! My email is godswillosanappier@rocketmail.com

    Thanks in advance.
  7. I would love to recieve a copy of the folder. I'm due to be a Year 11 tutor next year.......but if it's not suitable I can pass it on to my colleagues. Thanks very much.
  8. Hi people...

    Wow, this appears to be one hell of a resource!

    May I also hop on board and request it too?

    My email address is sherlock.ohmz@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanking you muchly!!
  9. Hi there,
    I noticed that you have resources/ideas for Star of the Week which I plan to introduce to my new year 7 form in September.
    Could you possibly send me some of the ideas/resources you have for this.
    That would be much appreciated,
    Matt Williams
  10. Could said resource be sent to me as well? I know I'm about 6 years late on this! kajstring24@gmail.com

  11. Wow, this seems like a popular resource, any chance I could have a copy! andrew.taylor1987@gmail.com
    Many thanks
  12. Hello!
    I am an NQT taking on a mixed form in September and this resource would be a great help to me.
    Any chance I could be cheeky and ask for a copy too?
    Thanks very much - my email is ruthsarahevans@gmail.com
  13. Hello rogerson24,
    i would love a copy of your 'fun at form time' folder. My email address is rickyjordan_uk@yahoo.com

  14. hi please could i have a copy of your fun folder please .... really need some new ideas for form time
    my email is: tor_ramsey@hotmail.co.uk
    ramv1_05 :)
  15. not sure if your still on the site! but if you are :) mgconway1@gmail.com

  16. Nine hundred pages of begging.

  17. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    I'd ask too, but it may be easier, if you're willing of course, to upload to TES resources.
  18. Ooo I would appreciate a copy! manda_smart@yahoo.co.uk thank you very much! :)

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