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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Just made Head of Year and am desperate to find good activities for my tutors so could I have a copy of the fun file too. Sounds fab.
  2. and me too please! chm5aji@leeds.ac.uk
  3. Could I please get a copy from someone. Have resorted to just letting my Year 7's sit and talk.



  4. Dear Roger,

    I am a PGCE student recently in charge of a form class. It would be lovely to have a copy of this project as I lack of ideas.

    Many thanks,

  5. I would love a copy please k8spencer@hotmail.com
  6. Please send me a copy of your enrichment activities. Thank you very much for the help. My e-mail:
  7. I award 'Tutor group member of the week'. I set a theme for them to vote on and they vote on Friday pm registration (great short activity for last thing Friday) Then I announce the winner on Monday which gets the week off to a good start. The students even come up with suggestions for themes which I was worried would dry up but it's been running since January and they're not bored or disillusioned yet. Themes have been, best team player, produced an outstanding piece of work, the most caring and considerate, the person that cheers you up the most.....

    The best thing is reading their votes on Sunday night makes me feel it's worth it.
  8. Hi

    I have stumbled across your Post 6 years on!! I wondered if you still had the "Fun at form time Project" and if so, could I have a copy. My email is:

    Hope you get this.

    Kind Regards
  9. Hi, TES just emailed me a link to this discussion- 6 years on.
    Could I please have a copy of these form time activities is someone has them.
  10. I am not sure that this necessarily counts as 'fun', but the British Red Cross site, 'Newsthink' has great resources including videos of current and recent events and it is free! Another idea we have is to do a topic such as 'The person I admire' and they all have to do a little presentation about this person. It could be someone famous or someone they know in the family or locally.
  11. I would really appreciate a copy of the Enrichment file too! I'm a Maths NQT and have just been put in charge of a form class, so any ideas for entertaining/getting to know them would be brilliant!


    Thank you :)
  12. HIA


    Yes please, would love a copy; please send to morrisonh@conti.sch.sa
    Many thanks
  13. Hello!
    Could you send me a copy too please? sounds awesome.
    Thank you!
  14. Hi Rogerson24,
    I saw your comment about 'fun at form time' and was wondering if you could send me the copy of the folder.

    My email address is dantresman@googlemail.com and would much appreciate it.

    Many thanks, only a few more days to go to half term!
  15. Ihave just seen this on TES are you still sending the folder out about fun in form time. Please can you send me a copy if you are
    Many thanks Yvonne Hoyle yHoyle@barnsley.org
  16. Please could you also send me a copy as it sounds just the tool I need! My email is a.e.borg@live.co.uk
    Many thanks

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