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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Would love a copy of this too if possible?
    Email address is colmjd@gmail.com
  2. Do you still have your folder of 'fun at form time?' please? If so could you email a copy to me at g.parkes@lqs.sch.je

    Thanks alot.
  3. Would it possible to have a copy of your folder 'fun at form time' too? I have a year 7 form and would love some ideas. My email address is laydeebird@btopenworld.com. thanks :)
  4. Hi I would love a copy of 'Fun at Form time'. It is sometimes like watching paint dry with my yr 7's and getting them motivated is an uphill struggle. My email is Matthes08@leedslearning.net.

  5. Waka6

    Waka6 New commenter

  6. Would it be possible please to have a copy of your fun activities for form time? I'd really appreciate it if you could email me it! My address is: jennyatkinson146@yahoo.co.uk Thank you!!
  7. and me too please!
    hope you don't mind, it would be much appreciated!
  8. And me please! it would be majorly appreciate!
  9. reddhedd

    reddhedd New commenter

    Why is everyone requesting a copy of this folder?
    Was there not a thread saying not to request one?
  10. hi there! this sounds fab! Please can you send me a copy at your convenience? My email is roxfox74@hotmail.com
    thanks a lot!
  11. Hello! I am a NQT starting my first teaching post in a few days and have been told that I will be responsible for my own Year 10 form group! I am slightly scared! Lol! Especially as it is a very challenging school! Your project sounds like a great idea! :) If you could send me a copy I would be soooooo grateful! My email..johend22@yahoo.co.uk.....Many many thanks!!
  12. Hello did you manage to get a copy of the famous project! I never got an answer and wondered if by any chance you had one? If the offer hasn't expired could you please please forward me a copy I would be very grateful!Thanks
  13. hi, please my i have a copy of your folder if you still have it. i've just found this link. thanks in advance
    my e-mail address is: becky_spanner@hotmail.com

  14. if you still have a copy of resources for tutor I would love a copy please
  15. I know that your offer dates back a long time but it would be great to get a copy of your folder, that would be a real time save.
    Thanks in advance
  16. HI
    Could I possibly have a copy too? I have a very dull tutor group that do not like to do much!

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