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Fun ideas for form time!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Sedgers, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Sedgers

    Sedgers New commenter

    Anyone got any fun ideas for forms (year 7) or classes such as weekly/monthly quizzes or competitions?
  2. Sedgers

    Sedgers New commenter

    Anyone got any fun ideas for forms (year 7) or classes such as weekly/monthly quizzes or competitions?
  3. There was a similar thread on here a few weeks ago. Someone posted a link to a maths site which had a Countdown game on it, like the TV show. This would be great if you have an IWB. Can anyone remember the link? I've forgotten it.
  4. I'm not sure that this counts as fun (!) but I tape Newsround one night a week, then show it to my Year 7 form class the next morning. We then have a discussion about the issues raised from the programme. Another thing I believe passionately in is reading to my Year 7 class. I bought a book called 'Kids Night In' which contains lots of short stories by famous children's authors. They're just about the right length for form time. I alternate this with silent reading - Week 1: silent reading on x day; Week 2: I read a story to the class on x day.

    Blue Peter are also running a story writing competition at the moment - seven famous children's writers have each started a different story; the competition is to finish the story. I've been through the opening paragraphs with my tutor group and they're going to write an entry each. Check www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc for more details. One of the stories can be pictoral and there is also a play.

    Hope this helps and isn't too confusing - I'm very tired!
  5. I have just started a little project with my form where they have to come up with their own cartoon character - give themselves a name, what they will look like, what their evil baddy is called and what they look like etc.

    they are really enjoying it (they are Yr 8) and it's keeping them quiet too!

    You could also try little quizzes so you can get to know them better - such as everyone has to write down one fact that no-one could guess about them then you can guess who it is and read some out for the class to guess who it is.
  6. There are some really good ideas on here! I would never have thought of taping Newsround!

    When I was doing my PGCE, a form tutor at my placement school did a topic on 'Who inspires you?' with his Year 7 form. Pupils had to explain to the rest of the class who they had chosen and why and bring a picture in. Some pupils did the usual popstars and actors but some kids really thought about it. One girl talked about her baby cousin who had cystic fibrosis. She talked about how she admired her will to live and her strength. It was so moving to hear from an 11 year old child. I was almost in tears!

    I have a Year 7 form and am planning on doing this soon with my class.
  7. I have a number of things planned for my Yr 7 form. I have had a few bullying issues (only week 3) so I spent one period doing circle time which they all got a lot out of. I am going to do a height chart with them and get one of them to produce the height graph. I will also get them to learn the international alphabet during the course of several weeks. I am also arranging for each of them to do a presentation to the rest of the class about something that they enjoy.

  8. Countdown is on -


    my kids love it on a morning!

    Hangman maths is also on - which can be a good time filler too.

  9. Thanks greeneyes for the link to the maths hangman - I've just had a go myself and it's pretty cool! Definitely one I'm going to be using in form time.
  10. I had my year 7 class carrying out some Brain Gym recently and they all seem to love it! Plus it wakes them up in the mornings.
  11. What's brain gym? I've heard things abou it - but what do you have to do?

    Do you have any weblinks for it?
    GE x
  12. elilala

    elilala New commenter

    these are all lovely suggestions! but i have a year 10 form and thinking not so much possiblity with the 'who inspires you' type things but any suggestions would be appreciated! i've done quizzes from magazines with them so far which seems to be working well but going to run out of ideas soon!
  13. I have a really difficult and under-motivated Y10 form too - any ideas for form period would be useful!
  14. Educational Stop the Bus

    I play this with my classes as a reward. It wakes them up I think!

    Pupils draw a grid with the columns

    Letter Place Animal Colour TV Maths/Geog/etc word

    I then run through the alphabet in my head and ask a pupil to tell me to stop. If I stopped on M, they would have to find words beginning with M to go under those headings.

    They shout stop the bus if they have them all. You can change the headings so that it is to do with school subjects if necessary.

  15. elilala,
    am always jealous of all the nice things people suggest you can do with year 7! I have a stroppy year 9 group!
    They do however like the quizzes on ccbc:
    They really like Today's Quickfire Quiz and I think it's good as they always use topical news stories and quite often they want to discuss them afterwards. I usually say we have to do one serious quiz like the Money one and then they can choose one 'frivoulous' one like a quiz on Britney or whatever.
    Don't know if yours will like them but my so and sos are happy when we do them!
    Polly x
  16. frivolous! :)
  17. Ah if only I had an interactive whiteboard!
  18. greeneyes13
    Don't have any links for Brain Gym but if you ask in school Im sure loads of people will have activities! One of the hardest I've heard of is saying the alphabet backwards, kids can do it I can't!
  19. Cut and paste the quizzes (Newsround) Put onto OHT, they have to make a 'guesses' for each q. first, then give them multiple choice, second guess. If they get the first guess correct thats 2 points, second guess 1 point. students keep a tally, prize at half-term.
    There was a different thread with other activities, really helpful, which included an activities 'box' available from a certain publishers, left details at school, sorry. Do a search on these sites. I will try and have a look tomorrow.
  20. There is a great sweets and chocolate logic quiz on www.emaths.co.uk

    It's in the resources section.


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