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Fun games to practice Multiplication Facts

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by rocky11, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am going to be teaching Year 5 in September which is new and a little scary to me, as I have been teaching Year 1 for the past 3 years. The childrens mental maths isn't very good and the Head wants us to focus on ways of improving their mental recall of multiplicaton facts. Does anyone have any good ideas/games that could be played as time fillers?
  2. Their numeracy is possibly poor because learning was 'fun' up until now.
    As many regular posters will know, I am really against trying to make learning fun to inspire kids when it is at the cost of true learning and comprehension.
    You can do some great things in terms of 'fun' later down the line but if they simply rote learn their times tables and use repetetitious hammering of basic number work in the class and at home (with interaction with parents) they will be in a far better position than trying to constantly control and motivate kids through play. In year 5 they should have moved into this mode of learning.
    A list of 100 basic multiplication/division/addition/subtraction problems will suffice.
    Once this is nailed sites like 'supermathsworld' can be great to really give kids a chance to show what they have done.
    Doing the fun first is one of the main reasons kids cant do number anymore (in many situations). Motivate/control them through other methods.
  3. Not sure if these links will work.

    They are taken from another document of mine if not when I have posted I will get the addresses for you.

    I must say though, that nothing beats repetition. There is nothing wrong with rote learning of tables. They need to know them to do so much maths and I am constantly frustrated in Y5 because pupils do not have immediate recall of tables facts and their inverses.

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