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fun days

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by bananabottom, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for fun days eg pirate day, fairy tale day etc and activities to go with them. We are having a Dora Explorer day next term but are looking for more days like this. We were thinking of having a Superstar day also. Can anyone share any good fun days they have held for early years? Thanks a lot.
  2. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    We try to have a "fun day" every 1/2 term - not that the rest aren't "fun days" too!! Easter Egg hunt will be our next one but also doing Sports Relief - planning a week of physical "chaellenges". Love Pirate Day - we build up to this by learning to speak like a pirate. We go on a treasure hunt round school and have a break for snack on treasure island (tyre park). Bear Hunt (Pudsey Bear Children in Need); Beach Party - last year we had to have that one indoors but still had a paddling pool! Train Ride - based on the book - all have tickets and get on the train and get off at different locations to do activities based on zoo, mountains, farm, city etc. Have done a Jungle/Safari day - all dressed up like explorers and went on a safari round school spotting animals ...
  3. 'Bring a bug to school day!' during a minibeast topic, then everyone had to find a suitable place in the school grounds to release their bug before they went home.
  4. Pyjama Day when we are learning 'p'. Pirate day is great but pyjama day also lends itself to BBQ after school, teddy and a bit of extra time after hours. Parents pick up when it's dark.

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