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Fun and Free Day Out in South Hants!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Kinsa, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. Not only am I upping this in case someone has missed it Kinsa...but wanted to tell you my daughter (brought up with cats) tends to make a bee-line for dogs now she has one of her own. I can understand why you go to puppy classes regularly! [​IMG]
    We were at the Gardeners World/Good Food Show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago and she spent ages at the Guide Dogs stand. These dogs were seriously laid-back..just lounging around in spite of all the people making a fuss of them. It is incredible that dogs can be trained to remain calm and alert...no matter what is going on. There were so many people milling around. A younger Golden Retriever took a real shine to my daughter, and though in harness it's tail was wagging like fury. She was fussing it for ages but it didn't get excitable. The trainer explained so much to us...it was fascinating and very impressive.. Buffy looks like a lovely dog..very sleek.. Don't dogs have such lovely expressions? Those eyes when they look at you... So soulful.

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