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Fun activities for x by 10 and 100?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by annap3, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. annap3

    annap3 New commenter

    Morning all!

    Just wondered if anyone had any fun activities or an interesting way of teaching multiplying by 10 and 100? I like to make things practical and am planning to use a4 digit cards and move the children at the front before moving on to independent work using number sliders.

    Any much better ideas I'm missing? Or perhaps a fun 'hook' for the children? Thinking of making the answers to the questions 'crack a code' to reveal a mystery answer but worry I'm over complicating! It's for a lesson obs and I always get brain freeze when planning for them!
  2. Has your school got the dave godfrey number fun books and cds? There's a great song (I think in the yr 5/6 pack) called 'jump! (I think?) JUMP JUMP JUMP to the left etc. ALl kids get up, jump and sing. Goes down a treat with my class.

    The decimal point . . . . .IT NEVER MOVES!

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