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Full time teaching to part time nursery entrants

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by JosephFrancis, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. JosephFrancis

    JosephFrancis New commenter

    Hi, this is my first year teaching nursery, so do please give me your advice!

    Basically, there are 28 children at my nursery, but spread out, unevenly, across the week. In my last school the nursery children were either AM or PM, everyday, so the staff could teach one thing per day, morning and afternoon, and all the children would get a chance to learn, or do, everything.

    I'm not sure how to do that with this one, where there are different children in every morning and afternoon. I'd quite like to only plan single lessons to be repeated through the day, but perhaps that isn't possible.

    How can I make sure they all experience everything without creating an impossible amount of work for myself?
  2. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    I presume you have additional staff so you could look at objective led learning (abcdoes.com). This way each adult could cover different areas and you could ensure that your carpet sessions were perhaps rotated so different areas of learning weren't always on the same day. Carpet sessions would be kept to a minimum. Through your CP you could support any gaps. You would then create observations for the children on an ongoing basis.

    Hope this is of some help.
  3. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    Don't try to make sure they all do the exact same activities, just ensure they all have a good nursery experience. We did this for a couple of years so I understand the challenge you face. We decided to plan for learning opportunities so that children's learning and progress was accounted for but through different experiences. Try not to focus so much in what the children are doing, but on what they are learning. And relax a bit - nursery children learn through play and by interaction with adults who are using good questioning.

    We did a weekly plan -

    An art activity might run throughout the week with subtle changes to keep it interesting.

    We read a different story every session. If we wanted to focus on a particular story, we just repeated it or told it in a different way (children like to hear stories again)

    If there was a wow experience in the week, we accepted that all children may not access it, or we invited them all to attend for the activity (with a parent if they weren't usually there). - ha ha we even did the nativity without actually having all the children on stage together until the actual day of performance - but hey ho, a load of angels and shepherds are cute on any day :).

    We did baking every week, on a different day so that the same children didn't always miss out. Same with music

    We had basic targets for number and writing so we knew what each child was working on and could pull a small group together during a session by looking at the wall display. Eg 'I am learning to ..... Recognise numbers 1-5, order numbers 1-10, hold a pencil correctly, write my name etc

    You will use a lot of lists and tick children off as you do things if you want them all to access a particular focused task - (that's where your single lesson repeated would come in)

    Incidentally, we changed to a set pattern of attendance after two years of fully flexible. This wasn't to make our lives easier but because we felt it was not good for the children to be all over the place with different children attending alongside them.

    Hope this helps. As I say I have done it and it was OK. Just trust that you are providing them with what they need. Best wishes and good luck
  4. JosephFrancis

    JosephFrancis New commenter

    There's loads of good advice here. I'll definitely use their profiles to identify and support any gaps. I think we'll rotate the carpet sessions too. That's really interesting about using objective-led learning - I'd never thought of that. Thanks very much for your reply!
  5. JosephFrancis

    JosephFrancis New commenter

    To be honest it's quite reassuring to hear that it isn't just my nursery doing it this way! I see what your'e saying - maybe they don't all need to learn everything in the same way.

    I reckon we might plan in the same way as you - on a weekly basis. Maybe we could have, I don't know, Shape Week, followed by Describing our Families Week and so on. Rather than planning day by day. And if someone isn't in the nursery that week, then, well, it isn't the end of the world!

    We'll definitely have to use lists to make sure that everyone's had a go at some things, though. Although that's not particularly different from a traditional nursery set up I suppose.

    Like you did, though, I imagine we'll only do this for a while. Just have to stamp my authority on proceedings next year!

    The best advice is to relax, though. I'll definitely try.

    Many thanks for your considered and simply put response.

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