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Full time stay at home mum- Am I doing enough?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bunique, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Sounds like you're doing loads :) We're of the benign neglect category of parenting that mostly involves her crawling around pulling everything off shelves and climbing into the recycling. My personal feeling is that if your LO is happy being at home then embrace it (unless you need to get out for your own sanity!). Just being around while you fold the washing or cook the dinner is a learning experience.
  2. tortuman

    tortuman New commenter

    I agree, I think you are doing lots. Personally I don't think taking him out of nursery is a big loss, I am a firm believer that one to one attention at home is best than being in a crowd, but hey!
    Also, maybe, for your own sanity find other mums you can invite over for tea, so the children can play together and you can have some quality grown up company. To be honest, I think that children learn more "socializing" from watching grown ups and real life than being all day stuck with other toddlers.
    So, enjoy this opportunity you have to spend time with your kid. Just do things that are enjoyable and everyday-normal things, like reading a story, or even if you read a book for yourself read it allowed, watch interesting programmes, go for a walk, take him to the woods...
  3. I agree with others, you are doing loads. MY LO is the same age and I work 2 and a half days and I really struggle sometimes to fill the 2 and half days I have with her! Just out of interest, how do you manage painting etc with LO so young? I tried introduce LO to crayons but she just tries to eat them!
    I think there's a lot to be said for letting them do their own thing for a bit as well. My LO is very bad at this and always wants one of us near her so I never get anything done.

  4. I agree. My child is two now, but can entertain herself for good chunks of time.

    Frees me up to drink gin and play online bingo..
  5. Thanks for your replies everyone, they're very reassuring!
    Messy play sessions sound fab, I'll try and find one in my area. I'm lucky to live in an area with several great sure start centres, which is why we get about so much.
    I do have a circle of mum friends but they've all gone back to work now! I do sometimes feel a bit isolated and in need of adult conversation but I feel lucky to have this extra time with my LO.
    I suppose it's the teacher in me that feels I need to plan and provide stimulating activities. I probably need to curb that a bit (I've even considered doing a weekly plan with learning intentions arrghhhh!) I think I miss that part of the job too.
    Wormburger- My LO also loves to chew the crayons and likes to lick the paint off his fingers! We just kept doing it and now he scribbles more than he chews! When we paint I just squirt paint onto the paper and he then smears it with his hands. You can get crayola crayons and pencils suitable from 12 months, so I reason that they must be ok if chewed a bit!

  6. Bless you- don't know your circumstances so apologies if I'm way off or speaking out of turn but have you considered childminding? Sounds like it'd be right up your street as you'd get to do the same activities but plan learning intentions and do learning journeys?! X
  7. Re: messy play - my daughter's nursery put scoops of ice cream on a tray and let her squish it all up in her hands today. Waste of good ice cream I say! But she is her mother's daughter as she started eating it after a little while!

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