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Full day activities for year 8 and 9

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by horza, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone can help? I am a student teacher and I've been the responisiblity to plan 2 fridays. At my school, fridays are split into 2 lessons, each about 2hours 20mins.
    I therefore have to plan something for the students to do in these fridays, I will have the students in the hall, all of year 8 one day then half of the year 9, the following friday.
    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.
    Ive thought of doing some type of carasel(sp?) so have about 10 different actives and the studetns in groups spending 20 mins on each. or having 2 longer task, or 1 long task.
    In the resoures section on TES I've found design a chocloate bar enterprise task which I like, but I will have to adapt it slightly.
    It also has to be something that is easily differentiated as all of the year will be completing the task.
    Thanks for any responses.
  2. GoldMaths

    GoldMaths New commenter

    Not knowing how big your year groups are makes ideas harder but you could do even more than 10 different activities, I'd go closer to 30 each being some sort of puzzle taking 5-10 minutes each, give them orienteering like cards and they have to collect stamps or some part of the solution gives a letter towards the overall solution....

    Thinking maybe a "break the bank" sort of problem where they have to discover the vault code?
  3. ilovemathsgames.com

    ilovemathsgames.com New commenter

    If your school has any money(!) then you could look at the happy puzzle company's site - they do puzzle packs that would be perfect for carousel activities...

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