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FTE pay - how does it work?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by Darcy_93, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Darcy_93

    Darcy_93 New commenter

    hi everyone, I am knew to the community and home that you can help? I am being interviewed for a library manager job which states the salary is “Grade 5 £21,074 - £23,111 FTE” and it’s 37 hours per week, 39 weeks per year.

    I understand that the higher end of this scale would be £19,791 per year but I wondered how it works? Will it be paid during “holidays” like a teachers annual salary would be or if is paid only for the 39 weeks I would work?

    Hope that somebody can clarify.

    Thank you

  2. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

    I have a similar contract - 41 weeks though. They just spread it out over 12 months which makes life much easier to manage.
  3. Darcy_93

    Darcy_93 New commenter

    Perfect thank you :) I was hoping that it worked like that
  4. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    You will be paid for 39 weeks plus statutory holiday pay usually bringing it to 44 or 45 weeks. Then the salary is spread over twelve equal instalments.

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