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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by mgalvin84, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone I have a huge dilemma on my hands...
    I applied to do the History PGCE in November. My 1st choice stated they were already full, however offered me a reserve list interview (rejecting me on the GTTR website). My application was then sent to my 3rd choice, I was granted an interview and offered a place. I am now all signed up at my 3rd choice.
    I received an email from my 1st choice yesterday saying they would like to offer me a place. Apparently I cannot accept the offer from my 1st choice as I have already accepted an offer from elsewhere. I am happy to attend my 3rd offer uni, however I am going to encounter extreme financial hardship as I am going to have to commute 80 miles a day.
    My 1st offer is from a university literally around the corner from my house... Is there anything I can do to withdraw my offer from my 3rd choice and accept my 1st choice offer.. any advice would be greatly appreciated...
    thanks in advance...
  2. I'm pretty sure the rules are that if you drop out of an offer you have accepted, you can't take up a place anywhere else that year.
    The only way I can see you might get round it is if your third choice are willing to release you from the agreement. You will risk annoying them by asking though.
  3. The impression I was given from the Uni whose reserve list I was on was that I *would* be able to do this... check with your uni & the GTTR.
  4. Hi
    Technically ypu can withdraw from your 3rd choice place, re-apply to GTTR via clearing and hope that your first choice will still take you. It can be a gamble as the ist choice may have more than one on its reserve and may have offered the place already. Obviously it also causes problems for the 3rd choice in that peroviders are penalised if they under-recruit or ove-recruit, but ultimately you have the option to withdraw and reapply. Talk to both providers and only make a switch iof you and they are confident that it is possible and will work.

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