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FT Primary PGCE @ Liverpool Hope 11/12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by blobcarp, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Hi, just wondered if anyone if starting the course at Hope in September? If so, how are you getting on with sorting your preliminary attachment out and also all the pre-reading required?

    I'm also moving into halls at Aigburth so would be nice to hear from others who are in the same boat!

  2. <font size="2">Hi,</font>

    I&rsquo;m starting the
    lower primary course in September :) Are you talking about the applicant
    guidance with the list of targets that has to be met for induction in September?
    This is all I have received in preparation for the course and I feel a bit lost
    like others know things that I don&rsquo;t! Can I also ask..Are any of your
    conditions still outstanding as I was thinking maybe this is why I haven&rsquo;t received
    any further information?


  3. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter


    Yeah I got that a while ago (with researching the national curriculum, developing critical reading and writing strategies etc).

    But i meant the pack which had a preliminary attachment guide booklet with information on what is required for the first two week placement along with an SBL form to complete and send back. There was also the letter stating things like conditional offers, fees, accommodation, recommended reading, term dates etc. I did speak to someone about start and end dates of the course and the lady said starter packs would be sent out soon so i'm guessing that's what they are!

    The only thing that is outstanding is my degree results which i get at the end of the month.

    Might be worth giving them a ring to see where your stuff is at? Have you done your fitness to teach, CRB check and suitability declaration that came with the applicant guidance letter? If not, it may be because all that hasn't come through to them yet?
  4. Hey, yes ive did the CRB, suitability and fitness to teach but only other thing i got was that guidance. My conditions are my degree classification and I have to send a letter to sate that I have completed a futher five days in a setting. So glad I came accross your post! Was getting a bit worried about not hearing about the preliminary placement and was going to ring them anyway..I'll have to do that. Did you get a placement sorted out ok then? Thanks for your help!
  5. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Hi again,

    Yeah it was probably due to you having those 5 days of experience outstanding. I've sorted out 1 placement for the preliminary attachment in a primary school, just need to sort out 2 days in a high school following the new year7's! I hope you get the other information through soon enough, there's plenty of reading to be getting on with!! Are you doing FS/KS1 course then?
  6. Hi, I found out what happened..even though I changed my home address on uni system and also spoke to somebody at uni! they somehow still managed to send it to my old address so thats were it went [​IMG]. yeah so need to start sorting out my placements.There is quite a bit to do! yeah im doing FS/KS1 quite nervous but excited. how are u feeling?
  7. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Ah that's great, glad you've got that sorted! Oh, I'm doing the KS1/KS2. Yeah I'm excited, can't wait for it to start! I'll probably get a bit nervous when the time comes though! I think i'm looking forward to moving out the most! You moving to Liverpool/already live there/live close anyway?
  8. Me too [​IMG]. Yeah love having my own place! I just finished my degree at Liverpool Hope..Waitin for reresults! In Ireland at the minute movin back after my placement in September. Dont know where i'm living yet, because i'm moving in wiv b/f. What about you? Are you from liverpool?
  9. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    I've just done my degree at UCLan in Preston, which is where i'm from. I'm moving into halls though so i can have my own space and cut down on travel times to and from placements!
  10. Hiii!!! I'm starting at Hope in September too...and living in Aigburth! :) I've managed to sort out my preliminary attachments near my home address though so i'm not moving into halls until the 17th! When are you moving in? The reading is taking SO long! haha! Also have you done the evaluation of 5 story books for English? I really don't know how much to write :s any ideas?
  11. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Hey! Yeah i've done the same with my preliminaries so probably be moving in that same weekend! Although I will probably come down the weekends before to move some stuff because its less than an hour from my house anyway! Don't get me started on that reading!! Doing my head in! Yep i've done the evaluations, i've just tried to keep it to one page, saying briefly what the story is, how you can use it in the classroom, vocabulary patterns and any underlying themes the books has. Not long to go now!
  12. Oh good! I was really scared i'd be the last to move in! Hopefully lots of people have done the same thing!
    ok, that sounds about the same as me for the evaluations so thats good too!
    eeeeeek i'm getting excited and scared now! haha! What subject are you specialising in?
  13. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    I think a lot will move in for the last week of the preliminary attachment as i think some might do theirs in Liverpool somehwere. haha, i posted a message on here asking about certain books etc and just went off someones advice as to what to include! i just want it to start now! PE is my specialist subject (mastermind!), what's yours? Where are you moving from?
  14. hahaha mines art and design...so i'm no mastermind either! ha! Moving from Stockport! :) Are you in st michaels or st julies at Aigburth? I'm in St Michaels :) Have you seen the group on facebook...St Michael's Hall, Aigburth 2011-2012 it's pretty good...loads of people have joined! I know who 2 other people are in my flat now :)
    eeeee i'm getting excited now! haha! Cant wait!!!!
  15. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    If I need any Picasso type inspiration i know where to go! I'm in St Michael's too... just requested to join that group thanks! I think finding others who are living there will make me a bit more excited! I can't wait to move out of this house!!
  16. hahaha hmmm not sure about the Picasso...can paint a pretty picture of a rainbow though :) haha!
    Are you the guy that just got added to the group...i'm guessing you are...you're both from preston yes? ha! I know...when i found the group yesterday I got extremely over excited about moving! :) Seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!!! :)
  17. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Rainbows are nice! That is me! Speak to you on FB then :)
  18. Hi there I am starting the PGCE primary with French at Hope in September. I only found out recently so all the information I have got so far is the CRB checks and that. What type of assignments are there for before the course? I haven't any info on them yet?
  19. blobcarp

    blobcarp New commenter

    Hello! There aren't any assignments as such, only an evaluation of 5 fiction books for covering the key stages. Other than that just reccomended reading and other nominal tasks like registering online and organising your preliminary attachment in schools (2 weeks observation from FS all the way up to Year 7's in KS3) which starts Monday 5th September. I would give Hope a call to ask what you need to do and if they are sending you information to bring you up to speed with everyone else!
  20. [​IMG] hi thanks for that. got some info now from the uni too . Have the preliminary attachment and I am just looking at page 2 section A, it refers to questions at the end of the sentences.....for example teaching........(Q25) . However I cant seem to find these questions?

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