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FT Lessons - no practicals

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by flossnic, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. flossnic

    flossnic New commenter

    Really interested to hear how other colleagues are teaching their FT lessons with no access to practical rooms.
  2. leverarch1970

    leverarch1970 New commenter

    Hi flossinc I am a food teacher of some 18 years experience. I have taken on the challenge of doing practical work as per usual. I did a risk assessment last week and implemented it.

    This being second week at school I carried out bolognaise with two Year 8 classes which were timetabled one after the other, a lemon meringue pie with year 10 and fruit salad with year 9.

    If students of the same 'bubble' or Year group are doing a practical then equipment can be used across the group. All equipment once used and cleaned (as per usual) is left in a 'spare' classroom with a label stating clearly when it can be used next (72 hours quarantined).

    I just did not want to do demo's and then send students home to do the practical, pointless and not what I'm about.

    I have single lessons to cook in, technician support and an adjoining food room so I can space students out across two rooms. If I only had one room I would rotate and do practical with half a group and the other half the following week .

    Had some good feedback from students and parent and there have been students who did not cook in Year 7 who now in Year 8 cooked for the first time this week.

    I've just amended my Risk assessment and tried to upload for you but its not liking it...check out CLEAPSS for practicals during Covid-19 too. Basically as my technician said we usually do hygiene but now we are just elevating it to the next level.

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