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FS stage child taking Yr 2 SATS test

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Greenteaaddict, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. I don't really understand why there is need for such a young child to sit a test when the teacher's APP will show she is working at a 2b anyway. We take the SATS tests with a pinch of salt in our school due to some children attaining higher or lower than they should. There are quite a few questions the child can guess at and actually get the right answer. APP is much much more reliable to level a child. I believe in stretching able children in other ways. Certainly not by testing.
  2. Agreed, there is nothing to be gained by her sitting this test.
  3. Hiya
    It's not my decision to make, the head heard her read and wanted to see what her comprehension is. When she does take the test it will be an old paper and in a very relaxed way, I imagine she will take it over a few days...between you and me I agree, she is clearly talented and I think she should be stretched in different ways...but (doffs cap) I do what my boss tells me to :eek:)

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