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FS Profile Scores in Reception - What are the expectations?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by claire7359, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I just wondered if anyone could advise me about what children are expected to score by the end of reception and what they should be achieving at baseline.
    This is currently a big issue within our school and everyone is saying different things about what expected progress is. I have many children achieving 6 and 7s now in certain areas of learning such as LSL, Number, PSE. However i have been told this is too high for this time of year, however, these areas scored highly on baseline - most children entered on a 3.
    I have been informed 6 and 7 is a score for a average attainer at the end of reception and that any children scoring 8's are higher attainers and expected to get level 3 in year 2.
    Just bit confused as also been told 8 is expected if child enters recepetion scoring a 3?

    Any advice or light on the issue would be a great help.
    thanks claire
  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Like everything it depends on your children - background previous experiences etc. In some areas a score of 3 on entry to reception would be considered high in others it would be considered average. Children scoring 8 at the end of reception would usually be considered above average ability.
  3. The EYFS in not linked to the KS1 curriculumm, therefore results from the profile should not be used as indicators to levels achieved further up the school.

    As Msz said scoring 8 at the end of reception is considered above average, however I also have some children scoring 6-9 points already this year.
  4. Thanks for that, I feel like i have to battle to justify my scores at the moment if they are above a 6 and I am forever saying they shouldnt be used to track and predict ks1 results but sadly the LA is sending this message to heads. Therefore my head doesnt want many 8's.

    Can i ask, what your average baseline is on entry for the children scoring 7 and 8's?
    Thanks again
  5. Oh isnt it frustrating? The new nursery profile on the computer (name escapes me!) wont let scores higher than 3 be entered, only comments if staff think children have made progress beyond that, so the answer has to be 3 in that case. However all children progress at different rates so a child who may only have 1's and 2's could end up out performing a child with 3's. the goals arent hierarchical and some are simpler to get than others so its very difficult to predict at what what rate children will aquire them and as already said, it doesnt correlate with the current KS1 curriculum and isnt supposed to indicate future performance against it. 'The problem is, to many fingers go into the pie with different agenda's attatched to them. I just wish we could have one consistent message from everyone, cause you get fed up of playing piggy in the middle. Sorry - rant over!

  6. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New commenter

    As I understand it level 6 is the expected level and 7 & 8 are above average and 9 is working at above and beyond EYFS (year 1 levels)
  7. Hi.
    The advice I got from Early Years advisor was 6 points is average, but now the LEA were pushing for 7 or 8's. She also said that it is expected that children will make 3 points progress in FS2. Hope that helps!
  8. Hi
    Testing my memory a bit here but was teaching Reception the year the Proflie was launched and am sure that the message at the time was that most children would achieve 7's and 8's, that these were average children who had achieved the expected outcomes for end of Reception Year. Point 9's were (and still are) for those children who could no longer be described by the early learning goals (as they were at the time), and were the more able children. At the time children scoring 6's would not have been thought of as average, as they had not achieved all the expected outcomes... does anyone else remember getting this message?
    Couple of years in Year1 and 1 maternity leave later, back into FS and suddenly we were getting the message that children achieving 6 points were average and should be getting 2B in Y2!! The pressure this puts onto KS1 and these children is huge, the Profile was NEVER designed to be used in this way, at best it is an indicator of a child's future scores / potential. Also scores of 7 or 8 now seem to be thought of as gifted or talented children - and while many might be, again this was not the original message.
    I've never come accross an expected points progress for FS2, but children coming up with 2's and 3's, especially in September, may well be able to get to 7's and 8's. The thing about 3 ponits seems strange - does that mean a child scoring an 8 would be expected to enter FS2 at 5?
    I would be really interested to know if others have the same view of the drastic changes that seem to have happened to the exoectations, judgements about and use of the Profile scores.
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  10. I know exactly what you mean and i feel thats the scary thing because expectations seem to be different depending on who you speak to, even within the same authority. I am scoring my children to what i know and have various evidence for that they can achieve. I have collected more evidence than ever this year to justify and prove my judgements are secure as are local authority want to see evidence for children being scored at 8 and above.
    I think it shouldnt be used at all to track in ks1 as the curriculum is so different and the different scales within the profile are different also. My scores for Number and Counting and LCT are always higher than other areas. Whereas my writing is always one of the lowest.


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