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FS / KS1 Classroom Environment

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by teeny8, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. teeny8

    teeny8 New commenter

    I've been asked to support 2 members of KS1 staff in setting up / developing their classrooms in a Foundation Stage style and although I have a picture of what I would want them to look like in my head, I'm not sure me 'telling' them will sell it to them. They're finding the idea slightly challenging, whenever I refer to my environment (Nursery) or the Reception class I get the feeling they want to say "well it's alright for you, but we're in KS1...we can't play all day.....etc etc"
    I thought some photographs of other KS1 classes with continuous provision would help and was hoping someone would be able to signpost me to some that are already out there. I have tried a search but have not found anything as yet. Or are there any books anyone would suggest that I could buy to support them?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I spent a placement in a large Infant school which I thought had very good "transitional" year 1 classrooms. They were lucky that the classrooms were qute big, so that they had room for tables for all the children to sit at and still had room for continuous provision. They had sand water and tables in a covered outdoor area outdoors, with a role play area indoors and a construction centre. There were lots of maths and english games too. I think there is as much to tackle in terms of getting your colleagues to plan activities using the CP as well as actually having resources there in the classroom.
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

  4. teeny8

    teeny8 New commenter

    The classrooms are all good sizes, and we have plenty of resources which are kept in cupboards at present. We also have lots of Early Excellence style furniture to create divides and areas within the classroom. 2 of them have direct access to a enclosed outdoor area big enough for sand, water etc. There will also be seating and tables and a large whiteboard. And the other accessed the playground that the Reception children use for outdoor provision. I understand the planning will be a big job for them but once the long term plans are in place alongside quality, well planned resources (which we more or less have), then I'm hoping they'll see the benefits.

    Thanks comenius I've downloaded your photos, they'll be a great help!
  5. lukesmum

    lukesmum Occasional commenter

    I have just uploaded some photos of my Year 1 classroom, hope it's useful.
    LM [​IMG]

  6. JO9832

    JO9832 New commenter

    Hi can I just say to the 2 posters who added lovely pictures of exciting year1 classrooms I so wish my son could have had access to such provision. He goes into year 2 in September and although he has come a long way this year it was all 'chalk and talk' no time to really put new skills into place and practise them in areas . I think this is great people are willing to take this on board xx
  7. My school moved away from 'chalk and talk' this year and adopted the EYFS until Jan/Feb when the children were deemed ready for the NC. However throughout the whole year we kept a free flow approach to the classroom and the vibe of learning through play, though there was more whole class and group lessons than previous. I think it has worked really well and the children responded positively, I don't think they will be phased by year 2 which will more 'chalk and talk', in fact I think they will fly as they are ready for it.
    This time last year I read a helpful book which I believe is no longer in print, however following a google search this came up and it has the same author and a similar title so my guess is it will be a good option...

  8. schooluser

    schooluser New commenter

    Hi, this year my colleague in parallel Y1 class and I taught ELG til xmas, moving onto Y1 APP for children as appropriate. We were slightly anxious about making Y1 fit with EYFS but in fact it was relatively easy. Our Y1 curriculum has a lot of overlap with ELG. On this site there is a document showing overlap between ELG and APP (there is a QCA document too somewhere, 2009). We took that and looked at ELG and APP and made our own decision about what point we would stop assessing ELG and start assessing APP for Lit and Maths. We thought the PSE strands of ELG were particularly important (and are often used with Lit and Maths, sorry CLL and PSRN, to monitor how schools and pupils are progressing). PSE, CLL are particularly supported by having child initiated time (within an enabling environmrnt). I felt so freed up by not feeling obliged to have the whole class in at the beginning of every session particularly in Term 1. Obviously you need to have some whole class chat, but not for every session or every child. Those who find it hard to focus (because they are not ready) should be elsewhere busy developing independence, social skills, speaking and listening etc, while the teacher stretches the ready ones. The teacher can give personalised learning small group tuition later on to the children who can't focus in the big group.
    I can't stress how liberating it has been to be able to teach children what they need to know, rather than feel obliged to dump a chunk of curriculum onto a big group. It has also been great to have a class who can talk to each other, extend that talk into Y1 talk partners, negotiate, use their initiative, share, take turns, be confident, work with anyone in the class. The children are excited to learn, willing to have a go, moving forward in all their skills and knowledge. No one should pass up the opportunity to teach like this.
    Personalised learning (what used to be called differentiation) is so much easier with EYFS style environment and flexibiity in planning. I think being realistic the planning is a hybrid of Y1 and EYFS principles. It has to be whatever works in your situation and for those teachers. But I am so looking forward to this year, now that I have been through the unknown. I am really looking forward to developing writing opportunites through play.
    I am happy to share my experiences further with you if you give me your email. Lucky lucky KS1 teachers having a lovely EYFS person like you to support them, and a school keen for them to do this. My school was keen but I know plenty of Y1&2 teachers who are struggling against ignorance and prejudice and fear.
  9. schooluser

    schooluser New commenter

    Forgot to say. It isn't just play. It is how mammals learn (psychology 101). Your colleagues should think of it as guided play ( enabling environments, supported talk - not overwhelming talk).
    I visited a small classroom where a Y1 teacher had children enjoying child initiated (limited to what she had put out, that reflected the curriculum that week), some engaged in adult initiated, and a group totally focused on her adult focus group. This was in January.All usefully busy. All learning.
    My situation is a bit different. I am lucky enough to share a large area between the classrooms where continuous provision can be made, and lucky enough to have a TA to supervise this. But I can see that it is possible with less resources and less space and still valuable.
  10. teeny8

    teeny8 New commenter

    Thank you so much for all your replies and photos! They've been a great help and I'm sure my colleagues will find them really useful too! Once they've got their classrooms set up I'll take some photos to share. [​IMG]
  11. Schooluser are you able to share your planning formats please?
    Many Thanks
  12. Yes, I'd love to see what your planning looks like. I am trying to do more EYFS stuff in the first term next year for my Y1s
  13. Some wonderful pictures thank you.

    Have you also looked at communication Friendly spaces on teachers TV some good stuff there?

  14. Schooluser,

    It would be great if you could share your planning format please.

    My email address is: beverley_bland@hotmail.co.uk

  15. I'd love to see how you plan aswell. My email address is vrbamford@hotmail.com thanks very much.

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