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Fronter is a complete waste of time

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by alex_teccy, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    This is another Fronter bashing thread. I'm so shocked by it. It's such a waste of time, it's so time consuming to use and badly laid out. Every time you click on something the browser has to refresh which means even doing something really simple takes ages. I just spent 30 minutes trying to change a colleagues password.

    Whose stupid idea was it that all London schools have to use it? Isn't anyone else completely outraged by this? Can you imagine, schools actually have to pay people now full or part time to run the stupid thing PLUS they have to pay for it as well? Where else would such poor service be tolerated.

    Two weeks ago we had some training for our staff. That's five staff, being covered at £300 per day. And what did we learn? How to set up 'containers' and change text, and use their crummy forums. so something that should have taken half hour took a whole school day. The man from Fronter expected us to be wowed when we were told that students could upload work *gasp* and email teachers *swoon* . I for one can think of litererally dozens of ways to spend £1500 in a school that would improve kids education way more than Fronter training. What a pile of *** it is.
  2. Will you get one single contributor who disagress with you?

    It will be fasciniating if you do.
  3. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    Question is, what can we do about it?
  4. Well I'm determined not to be the first person to point out that it's precisely for reasons such as above that many schools are turning their backs on their LEA insisited commercial VLEs and going for Moodle. Someone else can say that instead. Oh and I heard Fronter has sold out to Pearson
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Oh, God, we're having it foisted on us next year and I have been trying to think of ways out of it: if we could get hold of the money being wasted on it a few primary schools in our area could easily form a cluster and appoint a moodle techie to create a basic, tick-the-boxes MLE which we could take further if we wanted. No one at my school has ever asked that we be able to do what you need an MLE for, it all revolves around the govt notion of parents being able ot access attendance and tracking data via the Interweb really - what a waste of time, money and effort.
  6. I disagree with you but I got sooooooooooo bored trying to persuade you cynical bunch last time under the 'Fronter is obsolete' thread that I simply can't be bothered to waste much more of my time on this.

    Our school loves it. 600 people tried to take up the 400 London MLE Users conference at the Emirates last week which tells me there are a lot of others who disagree with you. Intel bring representatives from other world cities around the globe to see what Fronter and LGfL are trying to achieve across London as no other World City is trying to do what London is, yet you manage to come on here and whine.

    Yeah, its not perfect but what software is, shall I start a 'OMG I can't believe how bad Word is' thread, there would be just as many posts as this. What I find more shocking is that you feel you have the time to share your negative, cynical, miserable opinions with the rest of us. I like Fronter and what I think it can give to our students. Our students in survey after survey say they love it, you don't, SO WHAT! You do your thing and we'll do ours now GO AND DO SOME WORK
  7. Even though the answer was stupid there was one, at least.
    Law of averages, I guess.

  8. hey johnbrown -just out of pure curiosity - does your school have a VLE and if so, which one?

  9. Love to hear why I'm stupid but I'm off sick and when I return I won't have time to read your answer. Can't you count, I said 600 people disagree with you? Why don't you go do some work John?

  10. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    I wonder how many of those 600 had ever been introduced to free alternatives like moodle or just a shared doc area and a website with access to said shared area an my docs with ability to log into your email?
  11. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    Stop flaming, after all it dosen't help your argument. There's a valid point I'm making, that Fronter, for what it offers represents very bad value for money and has substantial hidden costs. Yes, there are advantages, but the are outweighed by the costs in terms of time and money, not to mention the fact that there is no significant integration with MLEs in use. The interface is slow and unintuitive, when compared to say a social networking site.

    For a company that is making substantial profit the product should be way better than it is.
  12. Fronter has been taken over by Pearson. So expect costs to rise and support to evaporate as they try to milk it.
  13. Since when is Moodle free? Server to host, technicians time and wages to run and when was the last time Moodle was updated? Does it link with SIMS/MIS overnight, does it have audio recording facilities within it straight to the web, does it have the ability to video conference, does it have a Question Database able to be accessed by all the teachers across London who wish to use it? All in one place? I could go on. We had Moodle for two year s before Fronter, no-one but the ICT Dept used it because it simply wasn't user friendly to your average teacher at our school. 78% of our staff now use Fronter. Don't know if the 600 have been shown the alternatives but perhaps like me they have been shown all of the above and still we went for the ability to share resources across London and any other LA using Fronter.
    What you guys never seem to want to answer is, what is the problem if us deluded fools wish to carry on using Fronter and you want to carry on using Moodle? We made our choice, you made yours so get on with it. Why do you waste hours on here trying to prove your right and we're wrong? I don't care what you use and I don't spend hours on here slagging off whatever VLE/MLE your using or some such other much more magnificient solution than Fronter that your using, I simply don't have the time.
    Get over it, enjoy what your doing and laugh out loud at those of us using Fronter, but let us get on and use our preferred solutions without you Moodle evangelists/Fronter cynics telling us where we are going wrong all the time and how much more wonderful your solution is?
    How you find the time is beyond me?
    Have a good weekend

  14. alex_teccy - Your the one making wild accusations about wasting tax payers money, I am just defending something that we used regularly and we feel is actually much more value for money than many alternatives. You seem to be on a mission of some sort to devalue, put down and generally slag off the use of Fronter as you quite clearly stated at the beginning of your post.
    And before you post anymore about Fronter you need to check out the way your network works and your broadband connection externally and your switching around the school because we don't experience any of the difficulties you stated in your orginal post and we are a London School. At my school it takes less than a second to load up and move around pages in Fronter, to update my Frontpages, send a message to my whole class, answer questions left on a forum, upload a homework, make a test when I need to. No-one complains about slowness in using Fronter at our school, except for using it to read e-mails. However, that's not Fronter's problem it is the way our own hosted e-mail works it just takes so long to load up in Fronter.
  15. I thought you didn't have the time to waste on this forum?

  16. I am off sick & bored!
  17. I'm sure there's an episode or three of Top Gear on Dave if you look.
  18. 4goggas

    4goggas New commenter

    Whilst we're on the topic of Fronter; why don't we just link our intranets externally and email work back and forth? OWA seems to have great calendar and diary functions - so together with the fact that loads of teachers don't give a monkey's about using a VLE, why waste the cash, time and energy on these things? (He He) ;0)
  19. Seen them all and don't start me on Jeremy Kyle
  20. alex_teccy

    alex_teccy Lead commenter

    No-one said it was. The suggestion was that a concerted effort across a borough would be more economical. And since when does Fronter not require full time support? Remember, the main argument Fronter use against Moodle is that it requires someone to run it. But then so does Fronter AND you have to pay for it. In any case I never said I was a 'Moodle evangelist' but hey, if its good enough for 45,852 registered sites with 24,888,316 users in 2,366,099 courses then maybe you shouldn't dismiss it out of hand.

    As for making wild accusations, true the OP was provocative, but I was not directing it personally at anyone. I think the criticisms made of Fronter aren't wild but actually quite valid, and it seems there are many that agree.

    As for connection,I'm sorry to burst your bubble , but a user interface that needs to refresh it's browser every time an interaction takes place is more time consuming than web technologies that don't, irrespective of connection time.

    For what Fronter is and what it does I think it's a badly designed and developed product. Plenty of other content management systems allow people to update home pages, send a messages, use a forum, upload a homework, make tests, yet they don't require days and days of training for entire staffs and massive back end support to accomplish this. Just take a look at any VBulletin based forum, or hell, even Facebook. I can't see how there can be any argument with this.

    Ergo, we should be outraged that our schools have been rail-roaded into it's use, which will be a timely and very costly and ultimately futile exercise. Hence the waste. Hence the ranting. So sorry I can't let you just use Fronter without criticising it's impact and don't expect us just to shut up on the matter.

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