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From Year 6 to Year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by richtea, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. There was a similar thread a few years ago, but I thought I'd ask anyway (for any fresh perspectives) - am moving to Year 2 next year after several years in Year 6. Having only previously taught Year 4 once, this will be a big change for me. I'm really excited about it - I can't wait to totally overhaul the way I teach. Has anyone got any insight they can share - either as someone who's made a similar change, or any established Year 2 practitioners? Many thanks [​IMG]
  2. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    I moved from 5/6 to yr2 in September, but admittedly I'd only been in 5/6 for a year as my nqt yr. I had a huge shock at first. Of course it's a big change but I was totally unprepared for the little they could do at first. They were basically just old yr1's! But now! Wow! It's true what people say about yr2 being the year where children make so much progress, and just grow up so much! They love learning, want to please, and I couldn't ever imagine moving back to uks2! Make things clear to them, give everything a purpose, and a sense of place. Mine love their role play area and wow starts to topics! Just have fun with them! In September I honestly thought I'd made the wrong move, and couldn't ever imagine writing a post like this. Now, I love my little yr2's and will really miss them!
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I moved from 6 to 2 this year, having never taught below year 5 before in 15 years. Like fruitloop I can't imagine ever going back.

    The first week or so in September I did think I had made the biggest mistake of my career and that I'd never get the hang of it. But I did and it works and both children and parents are very happy.

    Words of wisdom...err no. But there are a zillion threads on here that I've started asking other people for theirs. If you search a bit and read those, lots of good ideas from lots of people. Has saved my sanity that's for sure.
  4. Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words - I'm even more excited now, and your tips will I'm sure be really useful. We were embedding HTML code in web design today in Year 6 - September's going to be a hoot!
    Thanks all.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL And next year you will spend lunchtime logging each of them on to the computers because if you don't it will take the entire lesson just to do this. In our school all of KS1 just have a single letter login and no password. Can still take all lesson!
  6. Defiantly try and spend some time with the Yr 1 class maybe on your PPA slot - I spent my NQT year in Year 4 before moving to Year 1 until 2007. I spent three years in Yr 1 before being moved to Yr 3 and then up to Yr 4, I now teach in Yr 1 which was a big move but was needed as I now manage Key Stage 1. I spent a lot of time in our Foundation UNIT, even just reading a book to the children as it can be a huge change for them being taught by a man. I love it, Although I love having the banter with KS2, It is defiantly the best key stage to do. Just hoping next year, I don't get moved back up due to staff leaving.

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