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From Teacher to HLTA - possible interview questions?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Harrybo, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I will post this in a number of places, including here.
    After several interviews for ICT Main Scale Teaching jobs following relocation for family reasons, I have recently applied for a HLTA post.
    The details surrounding this can be read in 'over 40 and worried' in the unemployed teachers section, if people are interested. Suffice to say I kept finding myself at interview, up against NQTs who are a heck of a lot cheaper than myself and also in possession of the latest ICT knowledge. When I trained, it was on BBCs and Arcs!!! I was getting fedup of the rejection call and I have picked a bad time to change careers to say retail or banking!!! I just want to stay in Education...
    I have reached the top of the scale and passed all three thresholds. but I believe I cannot offer myself on a lower salary so HLTA is the only way to go - I don't really want to go down the supply route, I would prefer some stability in my working life. I'm also aware that so many schools now employ Cover Supervisors and indeed HLTAs, to cover staff absence so supply work may not be forthcoming.
    I spotted a job advert for Higher Level Teaching Assistant and I made an application.
    Interview is in early April.
    One of the things I found frustrating during recent teaching interviews was the fact that each candidate MUST be asked the same questions, in one feedback session the Head explained that in the interests of fairness, this is the way it is done. He said the panel wondered why I was not looking for promotion or already promoted, but they could not ask this as the question could not be put to the other candidates all NQTs!!!
    Can I ask, will that be the same for the HLTA post, will we all be asked the same or similar questions. I am wondering if I will be asked WHY I am looking to take on this role at such a reduced wage... If I do get asked that, I'm wondering how to reply!
    I am also guessing that one question might be, "How do you deal with a pupil who says - I'm not listening to you, you're not a proper teacher?" Could I answer, "Actually I am, and here is my GTC card/B.ED certificate to prove it!" or would that just cause me to look like I'm a cocky 'teacher' who is full of ****?
    Any advice about potential questions/answers, it is to work in a Maths dept. would be much appreciated...
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Harry - I'm just going to ask another question: why aren't you applying for Maths posts?
    I have heard that sometimes there is only one - or sometimes none - applicants for Maths posts, and your expensiveness wouldn't impact on a school that just needs someone to teach Maths, they are desperate.
    A Maths degree isn't necessary, although obviously the ability to do Maths is - and I would expect that as an ICT teacher you could give it a good go if your degree is science-based.
    Best wishes
  3. Hi Harry,
    I am in a kind of similar situation. I am an NQT, though have been working as a Supply Teacher since September. You are absolutely right, supply is extremely unreliable and with the budget cuts and schools using their own teaching staff to cover lessons and ppa there is less and less work.
    I am now on the verge of eviction and am unable to pay my rent. Although I have been applying for any teaching post I can, I have had little in reply and desperate times call for desperate measures! So I am also applying for an HLTA position with my interview on Thursday. I have been googling questions that would be asked for a regular teaching post in the hope that they would be very similar.
    If they asked about your reasons for applying I would go down the honesty route and say that you have a lot to offer but im not 100% sure if thats right. The school i am applying for has very high standards and employs qualified teachers as HLTAs because its cheaper labour when covering NQT/PPA time so it will stand in your favour.

    Good luck, and if your interview is before mine it would be extremely helpful if you can post your questions on here! I will do the same.....(of course your interview may have been and gone in which case this entire message is pointless!)
  4. Message posted 28th March 2009........definately pointless! Well done Laura ....
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Laura - if you open the Welcome thread you will find some clickables with advice about interviews.
    One of them includes possible iview q's for TAs.
    Good luck
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